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CSU DBA8671 Unit VI PowerPoint Presentation




Question;PowerPoint;Presentation;Read the Mini Case Study ?Customer Service at;Datatronics? on pages 236-239 in the textbook and develop an understanding of;the role IT plays with customer service initiatives. Matt Rubenzahl voices his;concerns to his boss, Joel McGivern. Joel gives Matt the assignment to find;better ways to improve their customer service through product education and;meeting customer needs. The ideas need to be presented to a steering committee;for extra funding. Your job is to create a PowerPoint presentation addressing;the three discussion questions at the end of the mini case study. Your;presentation should be professional, as a steering committee looks for;information and facts as well as visual aspects, in order to make their;decision. You are also welcome and encouraged to research them using outside;sources.;Your;PowerPoint presentation should include the following elements;Slide;1: Title;page;Slides;2-3: Outline the specific information;that Matt should collect to build a case for improving;customer;service at Datatronics.;Slides;4-6: Describe the top ideas for Matt;to present to Joel next week.;Slides;7-9: How would Matt get Joel to;support his ideas?;Slide10: List;of sources using APA guidelines


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