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Question;I only have to do modules 4&12 plus a conclusion.Each group will develop their plan based on 16 modules established to complete this business plan. Modules can be found in the Doc Sharing section of the class (use the Select View pull down menu to get to the modules). From there, you can download the information and samples. There are 16 modules, each with specific questions to help guide you in the research. Additionally, there are web links to assist in locating research information. Your research paper will follow these modules. You should expect to write about a page for each module. Some modules will need to be longer and some perhaps shy of a full page depending on the country you chose to research. Note the criticality of proper APA citation. See the Citation Help information at the bottom of this page.A preliminary draft of your team's plan is due by Week 4 and is worth 50 points. The final plan will be due by Week 7 and is worth 150 points. The preliminary draft should be uploaded to each team member's respective Dropbox in Week 4, and the final version of your plan should be uploaded to each team member's respective Dropbox in Week 7. Each team member MUST submit the same version of these documents to their respective Dropboxes


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