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Question;Question 1. Question;It has been suggested that the existence of the World Wide;Web has impacted international business and the world economy. Explain your;answer with a well-constructed and cogent response.;Question 2. Question;It has been argued that free market economies stimulate;greater economic growth than do state-directed economies. Make a;well-constructed and persuasive argument on why or why not this may be true.;Question 3. Question;Economic progress within a country seems to depend on how;well property rights are protected. Explain the relationship between property;rights, corruption, and economic progress and their importance to the economic;development of a nation. Explain your answer with a well-constructed and cogent;response.;Question 4. Question;Using the concept of ?the veil of ignorance,? develop an;ethical code that will influence the policies of a clothing business looking to;outsource its manufacturing process.


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