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Question;? Question;1;1 out of 1 points;The;basic chemical unit of carbohydrates is a _____ molecule.a;Selected;Answer;? Question;2;1 out of 1 points;is a primary fuel for muscles and other cells.;Selected;Answer;? Question;3;0 out of 1 points;Which;of the following foods is a rich source of high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS)?;Selected;Answer;? Question;4;1 out of 1 points;Hillary;would like to add more soluble fiber to her diet. Which of the following foods;should she add?;Selected;Answer;? Question;5;1 out of 1 points;Which;of the following carbohydrates is in plain, fat-free milk?;Selected;Answer;? Question;6;1 out of 1 points;Alicia;has PKU. She would like to sweeten her coffee with a substance that provides 0;kcal/g. Based on this information, which of the following sweeteners supplies 0;kcal/g and is safe for her to use?;Selected;Answer;? Question;7;1 out of 1 points;Which;of the following groups of foods are sources of starch?;Selected;Answer;? Question;8;0 out of 1 points;Glycogen;is;Selected;Answer;? Question;9;1 out of 1 points;Which;of the following characteristics increases a person's risk of type 2 diabetes?;Selected;Answer;? Question;10;1 out of 1 points;According;to Cleo's physician, her blood cholesterol level is too high. Which of the;following foods can Cleo add to her diet to help lower her cholesterol?;Selected;Answer;? Question;11;0 out of 1 points;Pancreatic;amylase;Selected;Answer;? Question;12;1 out of 1 points;Clayton;is a 19-year-old college student. He avoids milk, because he claims drinking;the beverage upsets his stomach and gives him intestinal "gas.;However, he can eat yogurt and certain types of cheese without experiencing any;symptoms. Based on this information, Clayton probably has;Selected;Answer;? Question;13;0 out of 1 points;Phil is;a healthy college student. When he wakes up in the morning, he can't wait to;eat breakfast. While he is asleep and before he consumes food or beverages, his;pancreas secretes _____ to maintain his blood glucose level within normal;limits.;Selected;Answer;? Question;14;1 out of 1 points;Marissa;is concerned about her risk of type 2 diabetes. To reduce her risk of this;disease, Marissa should;Selected;Answer;? Question;15;0 out of 1 points;Which;of the following statements is true?;Selected;Answer;? Question;16;0 out of 1 points;Emma's;usual diet provides 2000 kcal daily. To obtain 60% of her total energy intake;from carbohydrates, she should consume _____ grams of carbohydrates daily.;Selected;Answer;? Question;17;0 out of 1 points;Which;of the following statements is true?;Selected;Answer;? Question;18;1 out of 1 points;According;to Shawn's physician, Shawn has a high risk of _____ because his waist;circumference is 42 inches, his blood pressure consistently measures 140 mm;Hg/90 mm Hg, and his fasting blood glucose level is 110 mg/dl.;Selected;Answer;? Question;19;0 out of 1 points;Insulin;Selected;Answer;? Question;20;0 out of 1 points;Glucagon;Selected;Answer;? Question;21;0 out of 1 points;Which;of the following statements is true?;Selected;Answer;? Question;22;1 out of 1 points;Five-year-old;Layla consumes a lot of sugary snacks. According to scientific evidence, which;of the following conditions is clearly associated with her diet?;Selected;Answer;? Question;23;1 out of 1 points;Which;of the following foods has a high glycemic index (70 or more)?;Selected;Answer;? Question;24;0 out of 1 points;Anna;has type 1 diabetes and gives herself insulin injections to help manage her;blood glucose level. One afternoon, Anna tested her blood and discovered that;her blood glucose level was 88 mg/dl. Based on this information, Anna should;Selected;Answer;? Question;25;1 out of 1 points;While;walking through her neighborhood, Jenna was attacked by a large dog. Her;adrenal glands responded to the frightening situation by releasing a large;amount of epinephrine. Why did Jenna's body need epinephrine at this time?;Selected;Answer


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