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Question;? Question;14 out of 4 points Contacting;people in a job candidate's online network for background information ________ ? Question;20 out of 4 points When;using the direct approach to deliver negative messages, you ________ ? Question;34 out of 4 points Which;of the following would be an appropriate handout to accompany an oral;presentation? ? Question;44 out of 4 points Speaking;from notes or an outline is often effective because __________ ? Question;54 out of 4 points "What;are your plans for expanding you sales to the European market?" is an;example of ____ ? Question;64 out of 4 points Which;of the following is not included in the prefatory parts of a formal report? ? Question;74 out of 4 points One;effective way to arouse interest at the start of a speech is to ________ ? Question;84 out of 4 points In a;positive message, the main idea is presented _______ ? Question;94 out of 4 points The;purpose of a resume is to ______ Response;Feedback: ? Question;104 out of 4 points "Accounting;Services is here to assist you during our transition to electronic;billing" is an example of which type of buffer? ________ ? Question;114 out of 4 points To;illustrate how your department's budget will be distributed by percentage and;type of expense, you should use _______ ? Question;124 out of 4 points Generally;speaking, bad news for employees should be delivered using _________ ? Question;134 out of 4 points When it;comes to the job search, volunteering __________ ? Question;144 out of 4 points Your;goal in the initial screening interview is to _______ ? Question;154 out of 4 points Do not;include on your resume items that could encourage discrimination, such as;? Question;164 out of 4 points Transitional;words and phrases ________ ? Question;174 out of 4 points The;second stage of interviews (following screening) is the ______ stage ? Question;184 out of 4 points In a;negative message, which of the following would be the most effective;alternative to stating, "We cannot afford to continue this program"?;? Question;194 out of 4 points When;making a routine request, you should begin with _______ ? Question;204 out of 4 points Sources;of secondary information include _______ ? Question;214 out of 4 points At the;beginning of a research project, you need to ________ ? Question;224 out of 4 points An;index _________ ? Question;234 out of 4 points;interviews allow one or more interviewers to meet with several candidates;simultaneously and to observe how candidates interact with potential peers. ? Question;244 out of 4 points Searching;LinkedIn to learn about the managers you will meet in an upcoming interview;? Question;254 out of 4 points When;using the AIDA approach to persuasion, the closing should


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