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Question;Unit 3.1 DB: Writing Business MessagesReferring to your imaginary company's acquisition in Unit 2, refer to page 143 and choose two writing techniques. Write a substantial paragraph using each one to discuss an aspect of the acquisition. You can make up your own company and details. Unit 3.2 DB: Distribution considerationsRefer back to the media recommendations you made in unit 2, discussion B. Please evaluate them in terms of the four issues highlighted on page 171, "Distributing your message."Unit 4.1 DB: Messages for electronic mediaLet's look more closely at blogging this week. Using your imaginary companies from last week, please talk about how you would incorporate a blog, using the 3-step process on p. 204.Unit 4.2 DB: Positive and routine messagesTo me, goodwill is that intangible that makes the world go round. With our overtasked lives, I'm not sure it is getting the attention it deserves.For this discussion, please write a goodwill message to a client or a customer or a colleague. Refer to page 240 and put some detail into it. Thanks.


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