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Question;Unit 5.1 DB: Negative messagesTell us about a negative message you've received/observed at work or in an organizational setting (feedback? layoff? customer/client complaint? other?). How was it handled? What was its effect on you? Co-workers? Customers? Was there some way it could have been handled better? Delve into it a bit.By the way, check out this tidbit: Research Shows Rude Behavior at Work Is Increasing and Affects the Bottom LineUnit 5.2 DB: Persuasive messagesHello colleagues. The AIDA model piqued my interest because it relates to how I write as a journalist (and also because it is my mother's name, believe it or not). The checklist on page 315 (A through D) is helpful.Please write a 4-line persuasive message relating to a new product or service from your imaginary businesses.A - Get the reader's attentionI - Keep the reader's interest by explaining or expanding the 1st lineD - Whet their desire by telling them "what's in it for me?"A - Motivate them to take actionUnit 6.1 DB: Planning reports and proposalsLet's consider the "Yardstick Approach" (p. 353). Before you decided to acquire the new business, you prepared an (imaginary) analytical report comparing two potential acquisitions.Answer the following questions in one or two sentences about how you might have prepared for this report. Keep it simple, be creative.Why were you looking to acquire another business?What industry or economic trends did you consider?What 2 companies were you evaluating as possible acquisitions?What criteria did you use to evaluate (and compare) your potential acquisitions? (Make a list - this is the yardstick)Make a recommendation, using the 5 steps on pp. 352-353.Unit 6.2 DB: Incorporating visualsReferring back to your imaginary analytical reports on this week's Discussion A, what types of visuals did you use in this document?See Figure 12.8 on page 384. Pick at least one choice from the data visuals and one from the info/concepts/ideas visuals.Why did you choose these and what did they illustrate? Please put some detail into your answers.


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