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GB560 Unit 2 Assignment (a continuation of Unit 1)




Question;GB560 Unit 2 AssignmentIndividual ProjectYou;will be adding the information in this Assignment to the Assignment;Template you began using in Unit 1. Do not submit this Assignment as a;separate document but as a continuation of your change document. For;this project you will be creating two process diagrams. The websites;below provides general instructions and visuals on how to use MS Word to;create your process change diagram. Their use is not mandatory and they;are only suggestions. You may wish to do research on your own to find;other ways to prepare process diagrams.TechRepublic: Create process diagrams in less time with Word 2007?s SmartArtAttachment 1: GB560 Unit 2 AssignmentAttachment 2: GB560 Unit 2 Grading Rubric** Please be sure to strictly adhere to grading rubric. Thank you!


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