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Complete Study Problem 4-10 from the end of Chapte...




Complete Study Problem 4-10 from the end of Chapter 4 and submit to the instructor. In Parts a and b, clearly label the calculation of the required ratios and solve using Excel (preferred). Use formulas to calculate the ratios and format the cells to insert a comma if there is more than three numbers. Round any dollar amounts to the nearest dollar (and do not show cents, as in $1,500,075 for $1,500,074.56). For any percentages, round to two decimal places as a percent (as in 9.56% for 9.5632%). In Part c, clearly label the pre and post renovation analysis in the Excel work sheet (preferred). Write a comparative analysis of no more than one page, and be sure to make a recommendation in that analysis for whether or not the renovation should occur based on your numerical analysis. The comparative analysis can be in a separate Word document or included in the Excel worksheet (preferred).,No thank you, you are my saint.,Hi was just wanting to make sure you had received this lesson, I need it by Monday noon if you get a chance can you let me know if you have it please. I also sent a tip on the other paper I hope you got it and that it does go to you.


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