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Question;Although not completely;related to pricing strategy, the decision of many stores to open earlier and;earlier on Black Friday, and now even on Thanksgiving day is quite;controversial, although many times when one store in a category opts to open;others follow out of fear of losing out on early sales. This year, many stores;that opened at 8 p.m. last year are opening at 6 p.m. this year on;Thanksgiving, and K-mart is opening at 6 a.m. Thanksgiving morning. Read this;brief article from about "Black Thursday.";Some;argue that it gives stores the jump on competition and allows them to increase;sales, thus preserving the solvency of the business. Others say that it is;wrong to take employees away from their families in hopes of earning more;money. From a business standpoint, do you think it strategically more wise to;open on Thursday or remain closed and promote the fact that you value your;employee's time with their families? Personally, where do you stand on this;issue? Is it right/fair for companies to engage in Black Thursday Sales? Why or;why not? Do you/would you take part in shopping on Thanskgiving day?Dq;The;Christmas shopping season is upon us (Help us All). This is the time of year;that many retailers depend heavily upon for a relatively large portion of;annual sales. A key component of how well a store does during this season is;tied to pricing strategy--customers are actively shopping for the best deal.;Review;in your book product-line pricing strategies, promotional pricing strategies;and psychological pricing strategies. What examples have you seen in the past;during the Christmas shopping season, or what news can you find about this;year's pricing strategies of retailers during this season. Look for specific;examples of captive pricing, bundle pricing, prestige pricing, price leaders;and so on, and discuss them here.;Q3What examples of differential pricing (and which example of;differential specifically--negotiated, secondary-market, periodic discounting;random discounting) can you think of? Do you think differential pricing is a;good strategy? Why or why not?


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