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This should be a free paper, because I am a premium member and I am allowed help up to a 1000 word essay. If not I will be requiring a refund. Below is the essay I need to be written. Current Financial/Accounting/Economic Issue Outline You are to search the databases in our library and find an article that relates to material in our texts The Economic Way of Thinking and Fundamentals of Corporate Finance. A good strategy to employ would be using terms in the chapters that you wish to see a current article as an example in your search criteria. What you need to provide is a critique of the article consisting of: a) Synopsis of content b) Specification of thesis ? main point c) Three supporting opinions/reasons d) Three opposing opinions/reasons e) Your summary and opinion of thesis Length should be 1,000-1,400 words (4 to 6 pages) and use terminology from chapter material. In the application of the articles you will look at the microeconomic effects of the article chosen opposed to the macro economic issues. Be sure to include the citation of the article for reference per APA standards. Below is the link to the Article that I chose Please reply when you evaluate and accept this 1000 word essay.,Let me Know ASAP,I need a update,Yes no maybe, I need an answer ASAP


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