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BUSN - How many apps do you have on your mobile device




Question;TOPICS: InnovationSUMMARY: For those aiming to develop the next killer app on mobile devices, this article offers many useful dos and don'ts from the pros. The first "do" is: Narrow your idea to something genuinely useful. However, this recommended narrowness raises the issue of easy imitation (related article), since a narrow app can be easily copied. App makers say a growing group of "cloners" are mimicking their products or misappropriating their names and images to ride an original app's success.QUESTIONS:1. How many apps do you have on your mobile device? Of these, how many do you regularly use?2. Which app do you use the most? Why? Which app is actually the most indispensable, independently of minutes per day spent on it? Why?3. Does your experience coincide with the dos and don'ts offered to app developers in the article? Are some of the dos and don'ts counter-intuitive? Do you disagree with any of them?4. According to the article, what are the biggest obstacles to profit that app developers face? Does imitation rank near the top or is it secondary? How much of a threat are copycats, in your view?5. How would you advise app developers to deal with copycats? Is doing nothing an option? Is there actually much one can do? As a rule of thumb, how much time should a developer devote to policing imitation?


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