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Question;Which initially successful web-based home delivery company had to shut down in 2001 due to inadequate management of its operations? Time What outsourcing functions does UPS provide for clients? accounting and inventories inventories and deliveries accounting and deliveries accounting and maintenance deliveries and maintenanceA company with a low customer contact that is capital intensive is called: a farm manufacturing quasi-manufacturing service industrial era operations managementDecisions regarding which of the following are not part of the production process infrastructure? organization of workers facilities worker pay quality control measures management policiesTechnology should be acquired because: the new technology is fun the new technology keeps the employees happy the new technology doesn?t cost very much the new technology always improves productivity the new technology supports the company?s chosen competitive prioritiesWhich of the following is a valid type of ?productivity measure?? multi-output productivity measure partial productivity measure multi-part productivity measure multi-component productivity measure imperfect productivity measureWhen making competitive priority decisions the firm: must select the correct supply chain must ensure the PWP is correctly established must focus on the one competitive priority at the exclusion of all others must make trade-off decisions must isolate the competing internal departmentsIn break-even analysis, in order to make a profit the company must sell at a loss sell above the break-even point sell on consignment sell below the break-even point sell at the break-even pointIn break-even analysis, what is the break-even point? the quantity where variable cost equals fixed cost the quantity where revenue equals fixed cost the quantity where revenue equals total cost the quantity where revenue equals variable cost the quantity beyond which the firm starts to lose moneyPre-fabricated furniture with choices of fabric colors is an example of which product and service strategy? assemble-to-order make-to-order make-to-package assemble-to-deliver make-to-stockWhat technique is based on computing the quantity of goods a company needs to sell to just cover its costs? internal rate of return break-even analysis activity based costing variable costing net present valueWhich of the following is a ?buyer-side,? typically industry-specific solution? automated order entry systems electronic data interchange electronic storefronts net marketplaces advertising revenue modelWhat type of warehouse is used for short-term storage, consolidation, and product mixing? Customized Strategic General Distribution TacticalIn general, what comprises the bulk of the cost of goods sold? Overhead Materials Electricity Depreciation LaborThe Malcolm Baldrige Award criteria category that includes the use of tools such as market surveys and focus groups is Leadership Strategic planning Customer and market focus Business results Information and analysisThe Malcolm Baldrige Award criteria category that includes commitment by top management is Leadership Strategic planning Process management Business results Information and analysisQuality planning, employee training in quality measurement, and cost of maintaining records of information and data related to quality are __________ costs. Internal failure External failure Appraisal Prevention Replacement


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