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Question;From the e-Activity, use the provided map in Figure 1.4 of the textbook to;classify each of Kellogg?s stakeholders according to each stakeholder?s salience;(most noticeable or important) to the company. Suggest two (2) potential;disadvantages associated with your classification of each stakeholder, and;provide two (2) recommendations geared toward helping to minimize the potential;adverse effects of your stakeholder placement on the company.;According to Lawrence & Weber, aspects within the external environment;of an organization are key considerations for analyzing the relationship between;business and the society. Using Figure 1.6 in the textbook, examine one (1);dynamic force for its potential impact on a company of your choice. Specify two;(2) fundamental reasons why the chosen company should pay particular attention;to the dynamic force that you have examined within its external environment.;Provide a rationale for your response.


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