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Question;Please review and provide tutorial. Thanks.;Deliverable:Submit an;analysis of the employee selection and performance appraisal methods used in;your workplace or in one with which you are familiar. If you do not have a;current employer consult with your professor about an alternative approach.;Purpose:Employee selection and assessment are important;responsibilities for all managers. When done poorly, significant problems can;arise for managers, those they supervise, and the organization. This assignment;gives you an opportunity to: a) complete a thorough, thoughtful, and objective;analysis of the process and methods used for selection and performance;assessment in an organization, b) identify strengths and areas that may need;improvement, and b) make preliminary recommendations based on your analysis.;Process Steps;1. Research:Complete the assigned readings and at least two additional;relevant scholarly articles you will use and cite as references in your report.;Simply selecting an "academic article" in a library database does not;guarantee the work has benefited from blind review by scholarly experts.Refer;to the Recommended Journals List posted in Writing Resources. You should;also check the credentials of the authors whose work you are citing and see;whether the articles have have been cited by others. You may find articles;referenced by Bohlander & Snell helpful for this assignment.;2. Analysis and Diagnosis;1) Identify and evaluate the;dominant methods used in your workplace, or one with which you are familiar, to;select people for jobs. Examine whether;The interviews, tests, and/or other selection;procedures are reliable and valid.;The methods used pose any ethical, legal, or practical;issues that could present problems for managers and/or the organization.;Methods might need to be adjusted given the;increasingly diverse, multicultural, and geographical dispersed workforce.;2) Identify and analyze the;performance appraisal program used in your organization. Questions to guide;your analysis include;Is the program formally or informally applied? Note;that even when there is no formal appraisal system decisions are made;about pay, promotions, and terminations and these are generally influenced;by an assessment of performance.;Are there clearly articulated and well communicated;goals for the appraisal? [Note: These may be both the formally articulated;goals and those you believe will be important. Offer a brief explanation;of and support for each goal, relying where appropriate on insights gleaned;from seminar readings.];Is there a relationship between the strategic goals of;the organization and standards used for evaluating individual performance?;Is there evidence of criterion contamination or;deficiencies?;Are there measures in place to ensure reliability?;Are there any legal issues the organization might want;or need to consider? Explain your reasoning. Note that all systems have;the potential to introduce ethical and sometimes even legal concerns, in;design and/or in implementation.;Who is involved in conducting the appraisals;(supervisors, self, subordinates, peer, team, customer, all of these) and;what are the pros and cons of this approach? Cite references to support;your analysis and conclusions.;Does the program meet best practice standards for;appraisals including training to eliminate common rating errors and ensure;sound feedback methods?;Which specific method most closely matches the one in;use in your organization and what is your support for this conclusion?;Refer to Bohlander and Snell for a description of the types of methods;used for appraisal.;What are the relative strengths and limitations of this;method and what are the practical implications for your organization and;managers? Note any differences between policy and actual practice and;consider why these exist. (Note: Be sure to refer to information gleaned;from the work of scholarly experts when undertaking this assessment of the;method you are examining. Use Bohlander & Snell to assist in your;analysis.);Does the method used limit the organization?s ability;to foster diversity and operate effectively in a multicultural global;marketplace? Explain and support your reasoning.;3) Conclusions and Recommendations:Based on your critical analysis;identify changes you believe might be made to improve how your organization;manages employee selection and appraisal. Each recommendation must be derived;from your research and analysis and must be supported by a well reasoned;argument and references to the literature. If you have observed a difference;between the stated organizational goals, policies, and what happens in practice;you should be sure to address this in your recommendations.;4) Reflections:Reflect on lessons you take from your analysis as a current;or future manager or leader in this organization or industry. Consider the;implications for your need to ensure performance and commitment of all those;for whom you will be responsible.;5) Write and submit your report;a)Word count range = 1,800 to 2,000 words not including cover page;reference list or executive summary. Points will be deducted if papers;significantly exceed the word count limitation. Be sure to use word count;before submitting your paper.;b)Your report should address the above questions and should;recognize, integrate, and cite relevant theories, concepts, and ideas from the;readings and your research. Include a maximum 250 word executive summary, an;introduction, conclusion, and properly APA-formatted list of references. In the;introduction be sure to include a succinct narrative description of your;organization and position. You do not need to give the specific name of your;organization if you prefer to keep that confidential but you should give;sufficient information (for example, the industry and nature of the business);so the context can be understood.


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