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BUS 322 Organizational Behavior Quiz 7 Chapter 13




Question;This quiz consist of 15 multiple choice questions and covers the material in Chapter 13. Be sure you are in Chapter 13 when you take the quiz.Question 13 out of 3 points The problem associated with the equal versus equal power relationship is: Question 23 out of 3 points One of the positive sides of intrapersonal conflicts is: Question 33 out of 3 points Estimates show that managers spend what percent of their time dealing with conflict? Question 43 out of 3 points Middle managers frequently are caught in a power squeeze. This conflict takes the form of: Question 53 out of 3 points Escape from conflict by daydreaming is known as: Question 63 out of 3 points The mechanisms used by individuals to make the best of a conflict situation are considered: Question 73 out of 3 points One way of classifying styles of conflict management is to examine the styles' cooperativeness and the styles': Question 83 out of 3 points A defense mechanism in which an individual continues dysfunctional behavior that will clearly not solve a conflict is known as: Question 93 out of 3 points Conflict involves disagreement between two or more parties because of: Question 103 out of 3 points Which of the following is the best example of a where you might find an intergenerational conflict? Question 113 out of 3 points The accommodating conflict management style is one where you are concerned that the other party?s goals be met but relatively unconcerned with getting your own way. Research has shown that individuals will sometimes overestimate the importance of the relationship and focus too heavily on the overuse of accommodating at the expense of the actual outcomes. The overuse of accommodating has been shown to be more prevalent when: Question 123 out of 3 points A negotiation approach where each party seeks to maximize its resources is called: Question 133 out of 3 points When a person continually responds with pessimism to attempts at solving a problem, he/she is displaying: Question 143 out of 3 points The key to managing conflict in a multicultural workforce is: Question 153 out of 3 points The behavioral tendencies associated with an equal versus equal power relationship is


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