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Strayer BUS 302 Management Quiz 4 Chapter 6 & 7




Question;Question 13 out of 3 points From a competitive standpoint, ____ means that the strategic actions your company takes can probably be matched by your direct competitors. Question 23 out of 3 points McDonald's uses a ____ strategy (a kind of grand strategy) as it increases its profits in France by offering uniquely French products such as Croque McDo, the McDonald's version of a popular French grilled sandwich. Question 33 out of 3 points Significant cost reductions, layoffs of employees, closing of poorly performing stores, offices, or manufacturing plants, or closing or selling entire lines of products or services would be characteristic of a ____ strategy. Question 43 out of 3 points An organization is experiencing ____ when there is a discrepancy between upper management's intended strategy and the strategy actually implemented by the lower levels of management. Question 53 out of 3 points When Clorox Corporation, a manufacturer of bleach and bleach-based cleaning products, acquired Kingsford Charcoal and Prime Choice brand steak sauce, it was an example of ____. Question 63 out of 3 points A ____ strategy is a broad corporate-level strategic plan used to achieve strategic goals and guide the strategic alternatives that managers of individual businesses or subunits may use. Question 73 out of 3 points _______ are the assets, capabilities, processes, information, and knowledge that an organization uses to improve its effectiveness and efficiency, to create and sustain competitive advantage, and to fulfill a need or solve a problem. Question 83 out of 3 points The research on diversification in portfolio management indicates that the best approach is probably ____. Question 93 out of 3 points ____ is the measure of the intensity of competitive behavior between companies in an industry. Question 103 out of 3 points Deutsche Bank became the world?s largest bank through mergers with Bankers Trust, a transatlantic banking operation. Since both banking companies had similar core capabilities, this would be classified as an example of ____.Answer Question 113 out of 3 points Companies that are following a ____ strategy would be most likely to try to improve the way in which they sell the same goods or services to the same customers. Question 123 out of 3 points In a situational analysis, a strategic group is a group of ____ that top managers choose for comparing, evaluating, and benchmarking their company's strategic threats and opportunities. Question 133 out of 3 points The purpose of a ____ strategy is to turn around very poor company performance by shrinking the size or scope of the business. Question 143 out of 3 points Companies often choose a ____ strategy when their external environment doesn't change much or after they have struggled with periods of explosive growth. Question 153 out of 3 points Cost leadership, differentiation, and focus are the three types of ____ strategies discussed in the text. Question 163 out of 3 points The ____ approach to innovation assumes that innovation is occurring within a highly uncertain environment and that the key to fast product innovation is to use intuition, flexible options, and hands-on experience to reduce uncertainty and accelerate learning and understanding. Question 173 out of 3 points Companies need to excel at managing ____ in order to successfully manage innovation streams. Question 183 out of 3 points A technology cycle occurs whenever there are major advances or changes in the ____ in a field or discipline. Question 193 out of 3 points The development of the DVD player was a source of ____ to companies in the movie industry just as VHS tapes had once been. Question 203 out of 3 points Organizational ____ is the successful implementation of creative ideas in organizations. Question 213 out of 3 points An innovation stream moves from one technology cycle to another through the process of ____. Question 223 out of 3 points ____ is the knowledge, tools, and techniques used to transform inputs into outputs. Question 230 out of 3 points It is appropriate to use a(n) ____ approach to manage innovation in more certain environments during periods of incremental change, in which the goals are lower costs and incremental improvements in the performance and function of the existing technological design. Question 243 out of 3 points Which of the following is one of the three steps in the basic process of managing organizational change outlined by Kurt Lewin? Question 253 out of 3 points A(n) ____ is the individual who is formally in charge of guiding a change effort. Question 263 out of 3 points Creativity was needed to improve efficiency without raising costs at one automobile maker. Over the last few years, the company has successfully implemented a creative engineering program that allows its plants to produce more than one type of car from the same assembly line. This successful change to a flexible manufacturing system is an example of ____. Question 273 out of 3 points Unverferth Manufacturing makes agricultural equipment. It used finite element analysis (FEA) software to speed up the design cycle for its 12-row sub-soiler. Which aspect of the compression approach to innovation would the use of this software apply? Question 283 out of 3 points The three steps in the basic process of managing organizational change outlined by Kurt Lewin are ____. Question 293 out of 3 points ____ forces support the status quo. Question 303 out of 3 points When incremental improvements are made to a dominant technological design such that the improved version of the technology is fully backward compatible with the older version, ____ is said to have occurred.


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