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Kaplan GB560 unit 3 discussion




Question;Week3;Topic 1;Process design and implementation is outcome;driven. To achieve desired outcomes, successful process design results;from an understanding of the task(s), which will complete or support the;task(s), as well as any restrictions (legal, physical, or other) to the process;design. But successful design implementation depends on the use of metrics to;manage and measure the process(es). With this in mind address the following;questions;1. Select one task that you are currently or were;previously responsible for performing. Isolate the type of metric;measurement used to evaluate the task process to determine if the process was;being followed correctly.;2. Address how frequently the process was evaluated;and whether the feedback provided contributed toward or detracts from;successful outcome(s) for that process. If no performance measurement is used;identify a set of measurements to evaluate the task and discuss how and;why that measurement would ensure successful task completion.


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