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You are designing a grocery delivery business




Question;Question 1:You are designing a grocery delivery;business. Via the internet, your company will offer staples and frozen foods in;a large metropolitan area and then deliver them within a customer-defined;window of time. You plan to partner with two major food stores in the area.;What should your competitive priorities be and what capabilities do you want to;develop in your own core and support processes?;Is it;possible for a project to have more than one critical path? Discuss the;implications of such a situation with respect to each of the following aspects;Project risk;Total available slack;Resource dependencies;Responsibilities of the project manager;Question 2:A flowchart helps us see all of the steps in;a process, which in turn helps us improve the process. It also helps us;identify and eliminate any redundant steps in a process. Using Word tools;(SmartArt under the Insert tab), design a process flow chart for the grocery;delivery business in Question 1 above. In the discussion element of your;response, clearly define the steps within the process and provide a rationale;for each step. Include all elements that you feel are necessary and appropriate;to the process of a singular customer. The assumption is that the process is;repeatable for every customer using the service. Think of the elements that you;will be addressing or answering in the succeeding questions.;Question 3:For the grocery delivery business addressed;in Question 1, the grocery chains that you are planning to partner with use;differing inventory control models. Company A utilizes the Just-in-Time (JIT);inventory control model and Company B uses an Economic Order Quantity model. In;reviewing your business plan, the bank loan officer has noticed this. As the;loan officer is not overly familiar with either model, a request has been made;of you to provide a description of each model and an explanation of why;partnering with these companies would or would not create a conflict within;your operations. Provide a detailed analysis of the situation in your business;model.;Question 4:A Quality Assurance (QA) Program is essential;to the success of any business.In;establishing your grocery delivery business, what are some of the Quality;Control (QC) processes that you envision employing? Why? Provide examples of;potential metrics. Justify your choices.;Question 5: Efficiency is a critical element both in;terms of individuals and machinery in any business. Describe some efficiency;measures that you would implement in your grocery delivery business. What are;the analysis tools that you would utilize to determine the effectiveness of;these efficiency measures?


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