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Devry BSOP434 week 6 quiz




Question;1.(TCO 7) Which of the following is not a reason;for why purchasers are adopting a more proactive and aggressive role in the;procurement process? (Points: 3);Myriad inefficiencies are;associated with suppliers initiating marketing efforts toward purchasers.An excess number of suppliers;currently exists.A competitive advantage in the;supply chain is achieved.Purchasers may be aware of;important benefits that are not known to the supplier.All of the above are reasons.;Question 2.2.(TCO 7) Procurement and;are viewed as synonymous terms. (Points;3);purchasinginbound logisticssupply managementmaterials management;Question 3.3.(TCO 7) Procurement costs;often range between _____ of an organization?s revenues. (Points: 3);60%?80%50%?70%40%?60%30%?50%;Question 4.4.(TCO 7) _____ is the second;step of the supplier selection and evaluation process. (Points: 3);Identify need for supplySelect suppliersIdentify and evaluate possible;suppliersSituation analysis;Question 5.5.(TCO 8) Which of the;following is a political restriction on international trade? (Points: 3);Nontariff barriersBarring certain types of;shipmentsTariffsAll of the above;Question 6.6.(TCO 8) Who oversees the;efficient movement of an importer's goods (and accompanying paperwork);through customs and other inspection points? (Points;3);A customshouse brokerAn international freight;forwarderAn import management companyA shippers' association;Question 7.7.(TCO 8) A _____ is similar in;nature to a domestic bill of lading and summarizes the entire transaction. (Points: 3);shipper?s letter of instructionshipper?s export declarationcommercial invoicecertificate of origin;Page 2;Question 1.1.(TCO 10) The most recent;development in the supervision of trucks and their drivers involves (Points: 3);cooperation among various law;enforcement cameras positioned at;various locations along interstate and primary satellites.;Question 2.2.(TCO 10) _____ refers to;measurement that ensures conformity with an organization's policies;procedures, and standards. (Points;3);MotivationManagementMetrificationControlNone of the above;Question 3.3.(TCO 10) The two areas in;logistics systems in which most energy costs occur are _____ and _____. (Points: 3);customer service, warehousingpackaging, transportationmaterials handling, packagingwarehousing, transportation;Question 4.4.(TCO 9) List at least one of the technologies;that is a part of automatic TPS identification. (Points: 5);Question 5.5.(TCO 10) What is the difference between;centralized and decentralized logistics organizations? (Points: 5);Question 6.6.(TCO 12) To what does forecasting accuracy;refer? (Points: 5);Question 7.7.(TCO 11) What are the four factors used in;determining a product's freight classification? (Points: 5)


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