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Strayer Bus315 week 2 discussions




Question;Week 2/Question 1Suggest the most significant manner in which the cost of the solicitation process adds to the bottom-line in the initial bid for a government contract. Justify your response.?Determine the steps in the sealed bidding process. Next, create an argument for or against the sealed bidding process as a method of lowering the government?s potential expense for a good or service. Justify your response with one example.Question 2Compare and contrast the fixed-price and cost-reimbursement for the VectorCal navigation system. Determine which type of costing mechanism best serves VectorCal?s needs. Provide a rationale for your response.?From the e-Activity, compare and contrast the characteristics of the federal contact project that you researched with the contract used during the VectorCal scenario. Specify which characteristics you believe to be the most and least important for any project, and justify your rationale for each.


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