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Question;Unit 8 Assignment;Establishing Baselines and Assessing Success;In this Assignment, through;the evaluation of baseline metrics, you will engage in developing the following;professional competencies;?Analyze quantitative data;One of the key elements in;realizing benefits is the establishment of a baseline. Your book suggests that;the completion of metrics is an essential step at the time of modeling the;current processes, and it is this baseline from which improvements are;measured. In this Assignment, you will apply this concept to your project. You;will also carry out a mathematical analysis of a fictional situation and make a;determination about success.;To;help you prepare for the Assignment, please view this 5 minute Kaplan Math;Center video on percentages: ?Interpreting;Percentage Problems.?;In;this Assignment, you are going to evaluate a specific business process based on;criteria detailed below. If you already have selected a business process;continue using that and skip to the next paragraph. If you have not yet;selected the business process you will use for these Assignments, then;begin by selecting one. E-mail your instructor and clearly describe the;objective of this process, the participants, and the strategic significance for;the company. The business process you select must have a clear beginning and an;end, with identifiable, specific steps. Your instructor will confirm that the;process you selected is suitable, or ask you to select another one.;For this Assignment, answer;the following questions (use the subheadings/numbered questions below to;organize your paper);Question 1 ? Establishing;baselines;To;begin with, list three metrics that you think can help you quantify the;performance of the current process. List and define the metrics clearly;explain why each metric is important in the assessment of the process and then;give an example of the statistic units. For example, if your metric is ?speed;of processing? it may be defined by how quickly each employee audits a tax;form, and the example would be that ?on average you would expect 8 tax forms;audited per hour.? If you have already done this in a previous Assignment, you;may copy and paste a summary from that Assignment.;Then, revisit the metrics;that you selected for your baseline. For each metric, clearly discuss the;following;1);Describe;what the metric is: how is it calculated and used currently?;2) As far as being used as a;justifiable project goal, what kind of a change in this metric would constitute;success? How did you arrive at this figure? If this target change figure is not;possible to estimate now, then describe how you would;Unit 8 [MT400: Business Process Management];compute it if you were;actually carrying out this project: who would be involved and where would the;data come from?;3) Examine the risks outlined;in Table 21.2. Which is most likely to occur in this process revision? What;actions would you take to address this risk? Be specific to your organization;and selected process when addressing this, do not talk in generalities.;Question 2 ? Case analysis;Read the following case study and;answer the questions at the end.;In 2009 it was decided that;ABC Tire Company would implement a BPM project with the following goals;?;Decrease;the labor cost per tire and;?;Increase;profit from each tire sold by 5%.;To track the success (or;failure) of the project they determined the following baseline data for 2009.;Total #;Materials;Labor;Average;Average;of;Tires;Cost Per;Cost Per;Retail Price;Profit Per;Sold;Tire;Tire;Per;Tire;Tire;22,594;$21.23;$12.67;$119.00;$85.10;After implementing the BPM;project ABC Tire Company reviewed the value of the project after a year and;identified the following information;Total;# of;Total Materials;Total;Labor;Average Retail;Tires Sold;Cost;Cost;Price Per Tire;27,669;$533,450.00;$397,555.00;$122.13;Using the data provided;above calculate and fill in the following table (show all your work, completing;the table without the calculations will result in no credit);Materials;Labor;Average;%;%;%;Cost Per;Cost;Profit;Increase;Increase;Increase;Tire;Per;Per Tire;or;or;or;Tire;Decrease;Decrease;Decrease;in;in Labor;in;Materials;cost Per;Average;cost;Per;Tire;Profit Per;Tire;Tire;Unit 8 [MT400: Business Process Management];After the table is complete, address;the following questions;1.;Why;is it important to ensure that the baseline data is accurate?;2.;Was;the project successful? Why or why not?;Directions for Submitting Your Project;Compose;your Assignment as a Microsoft Word document and save it as Username-MT400 -;Assignment-Unit#.docx (Example: TAllen-MT400 Assignment-Unit 8.docx).;Submit your file by selecting the Unit 8: Assignment Dropbox by the end of Unit;8.;Grading note:In the grading rubric;below, you will see a section on analysis and criticalthinking. The;points in this section will partly be based on your ability to apply the;concepts discussed in your Assignment to the specific circumstances and details;of the process/organization you selected. Writing in general terms without;applying the concepts and analyzing your specific project may get you points;for content section, but you will lose points in the analysis section.;Review the grading rubric below before;beginning this activity.;Assignment grading rubric = 60 points;Unit 8 Assignment: Establishing;Baselines and Assessing;Success;Assignment Requirements;Points;Points;Earned;Possible;by Students;Content, Focus, Use of Text and Research;Selected and justified metrics to;0-15;be used for establishing a;baseline.;Calculated the correct values for;0-10;the table in question 2.;Answered the questions;0-5;correctly in question 2.;Unit 8 [MT400: Business Process Management];Analysis and Critical Thinking;Responses demonstrated;critical;0-18;thinking and analysis and;exhibited application of;information.;Spelling, Grammar, APA;Format;Clear business writing.;Spelling;0-12;and grammar are;acceptable.;Effective use of APA.;Followed;the required format and;instructions.;Total;0-60


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