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Question;ACTIVITY 1;You have been recently promoted to;the position of plant manager in a large Mexican operation owned by your;employer, a Fortune 500 company. After taking some time to assess the;situation, you have determined that the implementation of Kaizen continuous improvement;activities would substantially improve the quality and efficiency of the;operation. Pioneered by Toyota and widely adopted around the world by numerous;companies, this technique is based on having employees analyze their own;working situation and area, identify problems, and suggest changes. It has been;shown to be particularly effective and also results in increased employee;satisfaction.;After several attempt to implement;the techniques, you are becoming concerned that it is not being adopted as;readily and enthusiastically as you have seen elsewhere. You begin to suspect;some cultural issues and refer to Geert Hofstede?s web site for guidance;;Using this resource and the material;in your text, respond to the following questions;1. What cultural;issues do you think exist that might impede the implementation in this plant?;2. How would you;address them in order to take advantage of the benefits of Kaizen?;Remember to make one initial post and;to respond to two of your classmates.;(Instructor?s note: This is an actual;scenario taken from the Instructor?s experience with a plant employing some;2,500 people, mostly women, in Mexico.;200 word;Learning;Activity 2;You are a manager employed by a;Fortune 500 company that has a reputation for highly ethical conduct and a;highly regarded ethical code. You have recently been transferred to your;company?s operations in Tianjin, China. While attending a meeting with a key supplier;you are dismayed that the senior representative of the supplier has brought a;gift, an obviously expensive jade statue, to commemorate the signing of a new;contract. You are aware that gift giving is more the norm in China and that;refusing a gift can be highly insulting. Yet, you do not want to violate your;country?s ethical policies. How do you proceed? Do you employ your;company?s home country ethics, local ethical norms, or some combination?;Respond with one initial post and at;least two responses to your colleagues.


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