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Question;Saint mba533 all assignmentsModule 1 assignment;1;Compare;and contrast how you think the HR approaches that are emphasized by top;management (or in an organization you are familiar with) match up with the;strategic initiatives of the organization. You may need to dig around to;identify the strategic initiatives of the organization. This paper should be;approximately 4 pages long (max), double spaced, with citations (APA) and a;bibliography at the end.;Module 2 assignment;Pick one culture outside of the U.S. and;discuss how HR issues might be handled in this culture based on Hofstede?s;(1984) cultural dimensions information, as compared to the typical U.S.;approaches. The paper should be approximately 3 pages long, double spaced, with;properly formatted (APA) citations and bibliography.;Module 3 assignment;Discuss the;major tenets of Title VII of the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 and the Civil Rights;Act of 1991. Then, take on the role of supervisor of a unit in a computer;software company which has approximately 200 employees. You have been told by;your boss that you must downsize your unit, in order to help the company save;money in these ?tough economic times.? After reviewing the matter with the;other managers in your organization, you decide that you will have to terminate;4 employees. These employees just happen to be of African- American descent and;they are all over 40 years of age. After notifying the employees, they object;to being terminated. You claim that you are entitled to let them go. What parts;of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and 1991 apply and what parts of the Age;Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) of 1967 may apply? What issues do you;believe the EEOC will use to decide whether to pursue the case? Do you think;that your decision will prevail, and why or why not, based on these Acts and;how the courts have typically decided these types of cases? Do you think that;the ultimate decision will be ?just? for the parties involved? Use citations;where appropriate (APA).;Module 4 assignment;Design a selection procedure (interview, job;sample performance test(s), cognitive ability test(s), personality inventory, a;polygraph, reference checks, a physical exam if appropriate, etc.?whatever;approaches you think might be appropriate) for your organization (or one that;you are familiar with) for an entrance level managerial job. Be sure to build;your selection procedures around the job analysis results that you obtained;from the previous assignment, specifying where you are tapping what tasks with;what selection procedures. Be sure to discuss the nature of the;managerial job first, and then build a procedure that has multiple parts, being;sure to discuss what is known about the reliability, validity, utility and the;legal concerns you might have with each part of the procedure. Finally, be sure;to discuss the strategic importance of each part of the procedure for the;organization (why you might be recommending each part). This document should be;approximately 8 pages long, double spaced, with appropriately formatted (APA);citations and bibliography. You might need to do some research on this outside;of your text;Module 5 assignment;Discuss what are considered to be ?good?;characteristics of a performance appraisal system and then discuss how these;better systems might be paired up with compensation and benefit packages that;really motivate employees. Hint: you may want to look at programs such as;gainsharing plans, etc. Is there any evidence that they work and that they are;fair and create a sense of Respect, Personal Development, Responsible;Stewardship, and Integrity in organizations?. Be sure to cite appropriately;(APA). The paper should be approximately 4 pages long.;Module 6 assignment;Briefly;discuss what the major training methods encompass and discuss whether they work;or not (any studies and/or evidence that they work).;ClickHEREfor;the list of methods.;Be sure to cite appropriately (APA);and to include a bibliography. The paper should be approximately 3 pages long;double spaced;Final exam paper;Discuss in a 15-page paper with properly formatted APA citations;and bibliography, how the various parts of the human resource system used in an;organization you are familiar with (can be your own or another?no need to name;names, but you should talk about the types of service or products supplied by;the organization) align and support each other. These parts should include the;? job design issues;? training activities;? recruitment activities;? selection approaches used;? performance appraisal systems;? promotion systems implemented;? pay parts, and the other benefits, and;? general supervisory styles and how they tend to support each;other.;Be sure to discuss how these parts seem to be;impacting employee morale, organizational efficiency and productivity, the;work/life balance of the employees and the climate and culture of the;organization. In the conclusion section, outline recommendations for the;organization, recommendations that might make the parts fit together better;and those that might make employee morale, organizational efficiency and;productivity, work/life balance, and the climate and culture of the;organization match better.;The paper(s) written in this class will be graded with the;following rubric (criteria) in mind;1. Has the student answered the questions (issues) asked?;2. Are the responses written in ways that are coherent, and are the;concepts integrated into a meaningful whole, is there a good flow to your;discussion (an introduction, a body to the material presented, and a summary at;the end)?;3. Does the student use the literature (studies, experts? ideas;current articles, etc.) to support the arguments and main points made?;4. Does the student use good grammar, spelling, sentence structure;etc., that would be considered Master?s level work?;5. Does the student use proper APA formatting (in cites) and a;proper APA bibliography at the end?;Module 8 assignment;Write a 3 page paper (max), double spaced on;how your organization (or one that you know about) might be rated on a;comprehensive health, safety, and wellness audit, are there any areas for;improvement? Remember to cite where appropriate (APA) and to include a;bibliography.;="margin:0cm,margin-bottom:.0001pt">


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