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From the weekly readings and first e-Activity, analyze three (3) challenges public




Question;?From;the weekly readings and first e-Activity, analyze three (3) challenges;public leaders face when the business of private leaders takes;precedence over the business of the government. Recommend two (2) sound;strategies that public leaders could implement in order to ensure that;the privatization of public services does not negatively influence;citizens.?From the weekly readings and second e-Activity, create two;(2) scenarios that focus on political debates or controversies that a;public leader and business leader may face during or after negotiations;aimed at the privatization of public services. Suggest one (1) theory;two (2) styles and two characteristics of a public leader that would be;most effective in diffusing the debate or controversy.?Imagine that a;small-town school system has appointed a new, but experienced;superintendent of schools. The school system is experiencing serious;problems: worsening grades, budget cuts, increased vandalism, and low;morale among the teachers. Suggest one (1) theory, two (2) styles and;two (2) leadership characteristics that would be most effective for the;superintendent to adopt when addressing such problems. Provide a;rationale for your response


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