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Question;Format/Requirements? Hand this in at the beginning of class, not by email.? Use Times New Roman, 12-point font, 1-inch margins as indicated in the homework template.? Make sure you show your name, course number, and section number on the page..Questions1);Now that you have written a Situation Analysis, you should have a good;overall perspective on your chosen company. Now, using that information;begin identifying symptoms, signs and indicators of deeper problems;that might be facing the company. Try to find as many as you can, but;ensure that you have found at least two or three, and write them down as;part of this assignment. Be specific and use numbers where possible.;All of the symptoms that you list should show a "gap" as discussed in;class. A "gap" is the difference between the desired and the actual. For;example, if you find that the company had a profit of $5 million;dollars in the previous year, and their goal was $10 million - this is a;gap, and this is a symptom of an underlying problem!Once;you have identified these symptoms, do some additional research and;perform a preliminary root cause analysis. In other words - ask why the;symptom occurred. Referring to the ?profit? example in the first;paragraph, think about why they did not meet their profit goals. Perhaps;a new product was not as successful as planned. Note that it?s possible;that many symptoms may lead back to the same root cause. Or one symptom;may have many possible causes. Summarize this analysis and begin to;narrow the focus of your paper. This analysis is the central core of;your problem description and is a crucial component in your research;paper, so I would recommend that you spend some time on it. You won't be;able to develop solutions if you have not answered the question "why;did this happen?" The answer to this question is the focus for your;paper. Conclude with this answer.2);Find at least one ?peer-reviewed (refereed)? research article from a;journal for your term paper. Don't search too narrowly - for example;General Mills problems." It's unlikely that a researcher would write an;refereed articel on this subject. Try something more general like -;Cereal market segments." Provide evidence that the article is;peer-reviewed by printing out and including the relevant page from the;Ulrich?s web site. Write up and include a properly formatted MLA;Bibliographic entry for this article. Please do not include a copy of;the article.just;needs to be a page page and a half just enough to answer the questions;also its ok the same group as the last Group 1 Automotives and I will;keep sending you more


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