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Assignment: Annotated Bibliography (PowerPoint)




Question;Assignment: Annotated Bibliography (PowerPoint)Develop;the Annotated Bibliography that you will use for the Final Week 6;Assignment. An annotated bibliography lists each article in APA format.;It then identifies the information in the article relevant to your Week 6;Assignment. It summarizes that information, and it identifies how you;will use the information. The instructions summarized below identify the;information to cover for each type of article needed for the week 6;Assignment.Two;Leadership Articles: Find one article on each of two contemporary;leadership models, relevant to ethical leadership from the following;list of leadership models that demonstrate what you value. Reflect what;leadership model would work in your environment: authentic leadership;ethical leadership, spiritual leadership, spirituality and leadership;servant leadership, and social intelligence. Select the articles from;those published in the past five years. For each article, first describe;the leadership model in a paragraph or two. Second, for each model;provide at least one argument as to why they reflect what you value and;why they will work in your environment.Two;Articles on Decision-Making Frameworks: Select two articles from the;course readings, or research you decide to do, that provide;decision-making frameworks and considerations when making right versus;right, and right versus wrong decisions.For;each article, first describe the decision-making framework in a;paragraph or two. Second, for each model provide at least one argument;as to why they reflect what you value and why they will work in your;environment.Two;Articles on Morals and Values: Select two articles from the course;readings, or research you decide to do, that identify some of the values;and morals you consider important when making right versus right, and;right versus wrong decisions. For each article, summarize the values and;morals identified and why they are important to you.You;will cover each article in 1-2 PowerPoint slides. Be sure to include an;introductory and a reference slide. Your presentation should be 8-14;slides.


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