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Complete the University of Phoenix Material: Communication Process.




Question;Complete the University of Phoenix Material: Communication Process.Review pp. 10 & 11 in Ch. 1 of Business Communication Today for more information.Note;Your responses in the worksheet should be a minimum of 350 words in;total - make sure to provide enough detail to clearly explain each area.The book is attached the username and password to unlock the ebook is americanmikey password: Salem_123********************************************************************eeBook Col ection;Business Communication Today 11e Ch01;This is a Protected PDF document.;Please enter your user name;and password to unlock the text.;User;Name;Password;Unlock;Remember my user name and password.;If you are experiencing problems;unlocking this document or you have questions;regarding Protectedpdf files please;contact a Technical Support representative;In the United States: 1-877-832-4867;In Canada: 1-800-859-3682;Outside the U.S. and Canada: 1-602-387-2222;Email;*****************************************************************************University of Phoenix Material;Communication Process;Complete the;table below.;Reviewthe steps;of the communication model.;Describe each;step using your own personal or business example in paragraph form.;Reviewpp. 10;11 of Ch. 1 of Business Communication;Todayfor more information.;Steps of Communication Model;Personal or Business Scenario;1.;Sender has an idea.;2.;Sender encodes the idea in a message.;3.;Sender produces the message in a medium.;4.;Sender transmits message through a channel.;5.;Audience receives the message.;6.;Audience decodes the message.;7.;Audience responds to the message.;8.;Audience provides feedback to the sender.


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