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Can you answers the following question regarding Custom Molds Inc.




Question;Hello,Can you answers the following question regarding Custom Molds Inc.1.;What are the process-related operational capabilities required for;serving each of the two categories of products/customers ? molds and;parts?In;addition to citing generic competitive capabilities such as cost;quality, etc. in your answer, please justify your choice by specifying;why each competitive capability that you cite applies to each of the two;product/customer-category.2.;What are the different process flow and process design requirements;(i.e., process configurations ? line or job shop), and other operational;infrastructure and structure needs (i.e., workforce, possibility of;outsourcing, etc.) for making and delivering the two different;categories of products ? molds and parts?3. What is apparent about the changes in the market in which Custom Molds competes? How has the mix of customers changed?Please;support your answer based on your analysis of the data in the case;and/or cite the specific information from the case on the basis of which;you reached your conclusions.Based on your response, how do you expect the order qualifiers and order winners for molds and parts customers to have changed?******************************************************************************Production Processes;Fabricating Molds-;Order is receivedDesign team reviews the;design specificationsDesign team establish;final specifications for mold and give to master machinist for fabricationPurchasing dept. is given;a copy of design specificationsTime needed to receive;orders is 3-4 weeksAfter materials are rec?d;the plant master scheduler reviews master machinist?s workload and;schedules the mold for fabricationFabrication takes 2-4;weeksThe fabrication process;takes only 3-5 daysUpon completion, the mold;is sent to be tested and inspectedDoes part meet;specifications?Yes: the mold is passed;on to be cleaned and polished;i.;One day to inspect and test;ii.;Second day to clean and polish;No: Mold is returned to master;machinist for retooling and the;process starts overCustom Molds has lead time;of 9 Weeks for delivery of custom-fabricated molds.Manufacturing Process;Order is rec?d for plastic;parts in conjunction with molds fabricatedIf Custom Molds has prev.;fabricated the mold and maintains it in inventoryIf the mold is available;the order is reviewed by design engineerCall customer if there are;concerns about specifications or revisionsRaw material orders are;placed into production upon acceptance of parts and specificationsChemicals and compounds;which support plastic parts manufacturing are ordered and rec?d within a;weekCompounds are dry-mixed;and blended upon receiptMixture us wet-mixed;(slurred) to desired consistency for injection into the molding machinesSlurred is transferred to;the injection molding areaMixing process takes one;dayWhen slurry is staged and;ready, the proper molds are securedFrom inventory or clean;polish operationCustom Molds have capacity;to produce 5K parts/day in injection-molding deptThe lead time for;handling avg one weekUpon completion of;molding, parts are sent to be cut and;trim operationDisconnectedLeftover flashing is;removedAfter inspection, parts;are assembled or transferred to packing and shipping to be shipped to the;customerParts shipped 2 days after being moldedChanging Enviroment;BADM 567 ? Process;Management - Team Assignment 2;1. What are the;process-related operational capabilities required for serving each of the two;categories of products/customers ? molds and parts?;In addition to citing;generic competitive capabilities such as cost, quality, etc. in your answer;please justify your choice by specifying why each competitive capability that;you cite applies to each of the two product/customer-category.;2. What are the different;process flow and process design requirements (i.e., process configurations ?;line or job shop), and other operational infrastructure and structure needs;(i.e., workforce, possibility of outsourcing, etc.) for making and delivering;the two different categories of products ? molds and parts?;3. What is apparent;about the changes in the market in which Custom Molds competes? How has the mix;of customers changed?;Please support your;answer based on your analysis of the data in the case, and/or cite the specific;information from the case on the basis of which you reached your conclusions.;Based on your response;how do you expect the order qualifiers and order winners for molds and parts;customers to have changed?********************************************************************CustomMolds_Case_Ques


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