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Hi, I would like some help figuring out these tw...




Hi, I would like some help figuring out these two questions please. I have attached the questions. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns about the attachment, or if you're unable to open it. Thank you,Hi, Thank you. I really appreciate your help.,Hi, thak you so much for your help. I apologize for my delay in answering you back, my internet has been down. I have one small favor to ask you before I accept it. Is there anyway that you might be able to show the calculations for how you came to the answer conclusions you got instead of the Excel formula that you used? It would be extrememly helpful just so that I know what process was used to achieve the NPV. So instead of the Excel cell saying "=NPV(14%,B4:B8)+B3" would it be possible to explain it as if it were a MS Word doc? If not, I understand, and I really appreciate your help with this. Thanks again for your help.


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