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Question;Rubric;? Assignment 2: Max Score 300;Total;12 Questions.;True/False;Question 1-5 5 points each;Rubric - Grading will be;binary - either you get 5 points or;zero.;1.;Negotiation is defined as the;use of common sense under pressure to achieve objectives.;2.;Low context looks at the world;around and takes into consideration all aspects;3.;BATNA requires selecting many;alternatives in negotiation process.;4.;Tactics greatly influence the;communication, tone, and dynamics of a negotiation;5.;Strong networking relationships;also avoids risk of foreign stakeholders hidden agendas.;Fill;in the blanks: Question 6-10: 15 points each;Rubric ? Grading will have 3;levels. Most of these responses will be multiple words/sentences/paragraphs.;To get 15 points ? you need to;have complete and in full response based on the PowerPoint Slides/Class;Lectures/Discussions.;5 points ? you need to at least;50% right.;0;? Otherwise.;6.;Name five basic strategies in;cross cultural negotiations -;7.;The Picador principle is -;8.;Name five typical global risks;are -;9.;A risk with zero probability is;called ?..;10. One major issue is understanding the ?????????? strategies and how projects affect;those strategies.;Short;essay, 100 points each ? Try to restrict within 750-1000 words each;Rubric ? Note this is a practical;subject ? your success would depend on how you implement concepts learned in;real projects. So your response must include specific statements e.g. when;identifying a risk, it should be specific what can go wrong. A risk cant be;?Bats not received on time? or ?Bat are bad? it should be ?Because of shipping;delays from Barbados bats may not arrive on the port of entry 5 days before the;event day?. Similarly your mitigation should include specific actionable steps;you can take to mitigate this risk.;So grading will be as follows;50 points for identifying risks;the way I described. You need to;identify at least 5 risks. More than 5 will not provide you with extra points.;10 points for each risk- again the way I described. If risks are not clear or risks are like ?Bats;are bad? you get zero point for that risk.;Similarly 50 points for mitigation;of each risk identified. Mitigation should be specific ? that you can;implement. Full grades for actionable;mitigation steps. 5 points if not actionable.;11.;Daniel is a sports shop owner who has contracted to supply willow made cricket;bats for GWU?s Cricket team. These bats are primarily made from willow wood;available in Barbados. He has tentatively identified the activities (work;packages) in this project as the following;I. Buy the cricket bats from a specialty;wholesaler who will ship directly from Barbados. The wholesaler also has a;manufacturing unit in Sydney, Australia. They sometimes ship from Australia as;well.;II. Hire low-paid students;III. Arrange students (most of British;Commonwealth countries play cricket) help get those cleared from customs site;(Baltimore port).;IV. Students will inspect the bats.;V. Deliver the bats and other supplies to the;play site.;VI. He also asked some of the students to watch;few cricket matches and spend time with players so that they understand details;about how bats are used. Daniel wants to build his expertise in not-so-popular;sports in the USA.;Daniel is worried that something(s) might go;wrong so that he cannot complete the contract to GWU cricket team?s;satisfaction. Identify risks for this project. Explain what he should do to;mitigate those risks.;Rubric ? Again, being a practical;subject, expectation is you will have specific steps to improve quality disconnect;between members of different countries.;Articulate specific steps/process;that you can implement e.g. a process could be ?Will standardize to measures quality in quantifiable numbers? ? and what you will do;ensure that.;You need to have at least 5;steps/process or how ever way you want to ensure that.;10 points for description of each;such steps/process. Full points for;steps/processes described clearly and 5 for non-specifics and zero for vague;ones.;10 points each how you implement;those steps/processes described.;Similarly 10 points if steps are actionable. 5 points if steps are not;actionable.;12.Quality;standards are different by counties. Discuss how you will deal with it in a;global project? Hint: provide steps/process that you can implement in a real;project as GPM.


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