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Question;Module 3 - SLP;Negative Letters;Case Study: Small Business Owner to;Customer?You're Fired!;As the owner of WebTastic, a small business that;designs and hosts websites, you value your clients and understand that the;recession has affected everyone. But lately you've realized that some clients;are sapping your business's already stretched resources. One of your first;patrons?Minnie MacElroy of Minnie's Miniscule Miniatures?has been a demanding;client from the get-go. She asked for changes to the site design she had;already approved, forcing you to put in more hours than your quote covered.;Once the site went live, Minnie consistently badgered you to make other changes;so often that you did them without charge just to get her off your back. When;her monthly hosting fee started becoming erratic, you agreed to let her slide;until her business picked up. But now she's six months delinquent.;Despite repeated phone calls and several letters;asking her to make a payment, you have received nothing. As a business owner;you understand how difficult it is to keep your doors open. You have had to lay;off your best Web designer and are now doing your own bookkeeping instead of;paying for that service. The contract MacElroy signed has a provision that if;an account remains unpaid, WebTastic may opt to render the site nonfunctional.;The contract also states that WebTastic retains the copyright on the design of;any site it has created. While you are hesitant to lose any business in this;economic climate, you have decided that some clients are more trouble than they;are worth, and that if MacElroy doesn?t begin paying the money she owes you;you will exercise your option of closing her site.;Write a letter informing Minnie that you are;closing down her site if she does not pay the money she owes you. Should you;fully explain that she has been a difficult customer, or should you rely on her;lack of payment as your reason for breaking the contract? Address your letter;to Ms. Minnie MacElroy, 27694 Bay Point Lane, Bonita Springs, FL 34134.;Assignment derived from Dr. Guffey's Business;Communication Newsletter;SLP Assignment;Expectations;Write a negative letter.;Write a summary explaining the principles you;used when writing your letter. Your explanation should make use of the;Background Info, properly cited and referenced.


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