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SHu QSO690 case 7 assignment




Question;Analysis of the Case;? What will;be the benefits, costs, and risks of the Six Sigma program and how will those;be tracked and reported? Answer in the context of 3M, Inc. (100?200 words);? How should;the various functional areas in the organization be included in the Six Sigma;initiative, and what role should senior and middle management play in this;change initiative? Answer in the context of 3M, Inc. (100?200 words);? What role;should Six Sigma play in corporate strategy? Answer in the context of 3M, Inc. (100?200;words);? What are;the resource implications of deploying Six Sigma (e.g., employee selection;roles, organization structure, reward systems)? Answer in the context of 3M;Inc. (100?200 words);? How will;Six Sigma affect the innovative culture at 3M, and is Six Sigma enough? Answer;in the context of 3M, Inc. (100?200 words);Appendices;? Include;any additional supporting documentation here. If you did any analysis in Excel;copy and paste your output as one of the Appendices.


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