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Question;Amazon: Delivering the Goods... Millions of Times a Day. Read the;Amazon case on pages 400 and 401. You may watch the video at the;publisher?s website if you choose.;How do logistics and supply chain management activities help the company create value for its customers?What systems did Amazon develop to improve the flow of products from suppliers to Amazon distribution centers?What systems improved the flow of orders from the distribution centers to customers?Q2Marketing Mash Up: The Four Ps Marketing Mix (graded);Be sure to view the four Ps interactive in this week's lecture prior to entering this discussion.;Which option did you choose for Our Town Photography? What rationale did you use to select the option you chose?What changes would you recommend to the marketing mix for the Our Town Photography Premier Portrait Service?Comment on the following statement: There is a correct marketing mix for every product and/or service.


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