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Question;uestion 1;Value chain measures would generally be less valuable to;Answer;top management;middle managers;first-line supervisors;employees to monitor any control;Question 2;Of the four performance perspectives of the balanced scorecard model;which is most relevant to operations managers?;Answer;financial;customer;innovation and learning;internal;Question 3;Of the seven categories of the Malcolm;Baldrige National Quality Award criteria, which is least relevant;to an operations manager?;Answer;Leadership;Workforce Focus;Customer Focus;Measurement, Analysis and Knowledge Management;Question 4;Airline revenue per passenger mile and hotel revenue per full-time;employee are examples of;Answer;reliability;value of a loyal customer;sustainability;productivity;Question 5;Productivity is the;Answer;quality of output/quantity of input;quality of input/quantity of output;quantity of output/quantity of input;quantity of input/quantity of output;Question 6;Which of the following would be an example of an innovation and learning;performance measure?;Answer;employee satisfaction;earnings per share;design flexibility;product-related litigation;Question 7;The service-profit chain model;Answer;is based on a set of cause-and-effect linkages;is only focused on internal performance;was designed first for manufacturing;organizations;is focused on equipment utilization;Question 8;Of the four models of organizational performance, which two focus on the;big picture" of organizational performance rather than on;operational-level framework?;Answer;Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Framework;and the Value Chain model;Balanced Scorecard and the Service-Profit Chain;Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Framework;and the Balanced Scorecard;Value Chain model and Service-Profit Chain;3 points;Question 9;The number of patent applications and the number of improvement;suggestions implemented relate best to which operational performance measure;category?;Answer;financial;customer and market;innovation and learning;productivity;Question 10;Interlinking is the quantitative modeling of cause-and-effect relationships;between;Answer;internal performance criteria;external performance criteria;internal and external performance criteria;competing organizations? performances;Question 11;Which of the following would be a typical operational-level quality;performance measure?;Answer;customer ratings of goods and services;customer retention;service representative courtesy;product recalls;Question 12;Which of the following would not be a typical organizational-level;financial performance measure?;Answer;labor and material costs;revenue and profit;return on assets;earnings per share;Question 13;Regarding the service-profit chain model, which of the following;is not viewed as internal performance?;Answer;customer satisfaction;employee satisfaction;employee retention;employee productivity;Question 14;The triple bottom line (TBL or 3BL) refers to the measurement of;sustainability in all of the following areas except;Answer;economic;social;technological;environmental;Question 15;Employee satisfaction and other workforce-related measures fall into;which perspective in the Balanced Scorecard?;Answer;Financial;Customer;Innovation and Learning;Internal;Question 16;A firm's ability to achieve market and financial superiority over its;competitors is called;Answer;Operations strategy;Strategic planning;Competitive advantage;Competitive priority;Question 17;Goods and service features that differentiate one customer benefit package;from another are called;Answer;Order Qualifiers;Order Satisfiers;Order Exciters;Order Winners;Question 18;With regard to the three types of customer attributes in evaluating the;quality of goods and services, those associated with the features of a new;laptop computer such as processor speed and hard disk capacity would best be;classified as;Answer;search attributes;experience attributes;credence attributes;reflect attributes;Question 19;Requirements that are expected in a good or service are called;Answer;Order Qualifiers;Order Satisfiers;Order Exciters;Order Winners;Question 20;Operations design choices include all of the following except;Answer;Operating plans and controls;Type of processes;Value chain integration and outsourcing;Inventory and service capacity;Question 21;The ____ of a firm defines the strengths that are unique to that;organization.;Answer;strategy development;strategic mission;vision statement;core competencies;Question 22;Professor Terry Hill has presented a four-loop framework for operations;strategy through an iterative and integrated process. The initial loop is;Answer;Operations evaluates the implications of;competitive priorities in terms of process choices and infrastructure;Operations determines if process choice decisions;and capabilities are consistent with infrastructure capabilities;Operations input into corporate and marketing;strategy;Ties together corporate strategy and marketing;strategy;Question 23;Considering the work force component of infrastructure, which term does not fit;with the others in a service environment?;Answer;Customer contact skills;Cross-training;Task-oriented;Empowered;Question 24;Which one of the following statements best represents McDonald's;approach to global business?;Answer;One brand cannot be all things to all people.;Extensive use of outside trainers;Using alternative technologies to make French;fries;Use of primarily manual information systems;Question 25;In an automobile, which of the following would not be;considered an order winner?;Answer;Self-parking capability;Voice-activated music system;Front-seat airbags;Collision-avoidance system;Question 26;Families of goods or services having similar characteristics or methods;of creation are called;Answer;Core competencies;Corporate strategy;Strategic business units;Functional strategy;Question 27;Which of the following would not constitute;an element of operations infrastructure?;Answer;Market segmentation;Workforce;Quality control;Learning and innovation systems;Question 28;Which of the following is not generally considered a;competitive priority?;Answer;time;flexibility;innovation;infrastructure;Question 29;In time sequence, which of the following needs to be accomplished first?;Answer;Understand customer wants and needs;Design and deliver customer benefit package;Build and leverage operational capabilities;Hire creative engineers;Question 30;The text uses McDonald's to exemplify Professor Terry Hill's Generic;Strategy Framework. The operating design choices of resource scheduling;inventory placement and control and standardized operational and job procedures;relate best to the corporate objective of;Answer;Profitable growth;Operational excellence;Leverage strengths through innovation and;technology;Diversity


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