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Question;Research Part I;Page 6 of 6;Building;off of the problem you?ve identified in week one coupled with the;supporting research you?ve conducted in week two. You will present the;purpose of the study (i.e., by completing the statement, ?The purpose of the study is??) and then follow up with a relevant and testable research question. The Purpose of the Study is to gain information to address the problem introduced in week 1 (example of using a purpose statement).;The research question should adhere to the following guidelines;formation of question is based on theory, previous research, and experience,stated in the form of a question, andis focused and clear (i.e., specific, measureable, and feasible).;Part I should address all the areas of the rubric, and your paper must follow APA guidelines.;Research Part IIBuilding off of Research Part 1 you;completed in week 3, part II will focus on themethodology/design of your;research project to answer how the research question posed in Part;I will be accomplished. Address why your approach was chosen versus;another while addressing the following;Participants (population, sample method, and sample size) ? Include;the strategy for acquiring participation in your study as well as;ethical measures to secure the participant and their identity.Instruments ? Describe the instrument, what will be measured, and how the scores will be calculated.Procedures ? how will your instrument be delivered, what threats are;there to reliable data, and the role of the researcher/participant.Keep in mind, no data will be collected during this phase, but merely;describe the how and what of your project. Follow the rubric to;complete Part 2, and follow APA guidelines.;Research Part III;Page 6 of 6;Research;Part III is the section where you will collect and analyze your data to;test your hypothesis to support or fail to support your hypothesis.;This area of your paper will show correlations and give a summary of;your findings through the use of graphs, charts or other means to show;the analysis of the data you collected. Once your data has been analyzed;and presented, you will make recommendations for future research to;further the research, improve business practices, etc.;Part III should address all the areas of the rubric, and your paper must follow APA guidelines.research proposalYour research project will be presented using Brainshark (a free program), which will encompass the culmination of your research proposal (observations, research questions, design/methodology, analysis, and recommendations) in PowerPoint form. Brainshark allows you to import your PowerPoint presentation and record audio. To get started follow these instructions:Go tobrainsharkClick ?Register Today? in the upper right hand corner.Complete the registration form. Click ?no thanks? at the bottom of the page.Click the green ?Upload Content? button in the upper right hand corner.Upload your PowerPoint.Click ?Next?Click the icon to record your audio via a microphone or telephoneOnce completed, save your recording, click the play button to preview your presentation, activate the presentation, and copy the URL to turn in.Your presentation should be a minimum of 10 minutes, with at least 12 slides used. Note: Review the following tutorial on how to effectively create a PowerPoint (How to Create a PowerPoint Example).;="msonormal">


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