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Question;Health Information Management: Clinical and Service Quality;Part 1;Write a 700- to 1,000-word paper and include the following;Do a search of media reports on apparent strategic;failures in the health care or biotechnology industries (e.g. divestment;of a business, layoff of a large proportion of the workforce, very;large losses over several years).;Pick one of the failure stories for which a substantial;amount of information is available. Attempt to determine the cause of;the failure. Was an inappropriate strategy selected in the first place?;If so, exactly why was it inappropriate? Was a reasonably suitable;strategy chosen, but then incompetently implemented? In exactly what;ways was the implementation faulty?;Include a minimum of three peer-reviewed references, not including the textbook.;Format your paper consistent with APA 6th guidelines.;Part 2;Write a 400- to 600-word paper and include the following;You are the business manager of a fifteen-physician;group practice in family medicine that a recent strategic planning;retreat agreed to open a satellite clinic on the periphery of its;current market area in order to increase the number of families that it;serves. The clinic will be located in an area of somewhat older, rundown;homes that seem to be undergoing slow but steady gentrification. The;clinic initially will be staffed with three physicians and has a maximum;capacity of ten doctors.;One of your responsibilities under the strategic plan to;create the clinic is to establish a modest program for keeping track of;the factors and variables that might affect the success of the clinic.;To get started, prepare a list of ten to fifteen financial and;non-financial metrics that you purpose to monitor, including the sources;you will use to gather the necessary data. For each one of the metrics;indicate the directions in which they might change and the adjustments;in the plan for the new clinic that would be necessary.;Include a minimum of two peer-reviewed references, not including the textbook.;Format your paper consistent with APA 6th guidelines.


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