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When guest and employee meet "eyeball to eyeball"




Question;1.When guest and employee meet "eyeball to eyeball", there's an opportunity for service to shine through. That opportunity has been called a:a. Quality circleb. Who-knows-why?c. Quality guaranteesd. Moment of truthe. None of the above2. The lodging industry:a. Has a highly perishable productb. Experiences low turnover of employeesc. Pays exceptionally high salariesd. Is treated unfairly under income tax lawse. Both b an c3. Boutique Hotels:a. By definition, are "small hotels"b. Have not yet attracted the attention of the chainc. Operate with a higher RevPar than commercial hotelsd. Are almost always grande damese. Both c and d4. A rooming slip is a means of communication between the:a. Desk and the bellpersonb. Guest and the housekeeperc. Bellperson and the guestd. Desk and the gueste. All of these except b5. A guest-service agent who calls "Front" is referring to the:a. Desk - the front-of-the-houseb. Property - usually the guest's first view of the building's frontc. Registration line - the next guest waiting to be registeredd. Bells - the next bellperson designated to room a gueste. All of the above, except b6. Which of the following terms is out-of-place in this set?a. American planb. All-inclusive planc. European pland. Full pensione. Conference plan


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