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BAM 312 Unit 1-4 Exam Multiple Choice Questions




Question;Unit 11. When it comes to communication skills, employers express particular frustration with ____________.a. male workersb. employees whose first language is not Englishc. experienced workers who shun new technologiesd. recent college graduates who haven?t learned how to adapt to a professional environment2. Which of the following is not a characteristic of effective business messages?a. They provide practical information.b. They highlight and summarize essential information.c. They state precise audience responsibilities.d. They present the writer?s opinions as facts.3. The term corporate culture refers to ____________.a. a company?s sponsorship of events such as concerts and playsb. the extent to which corporations dominate a particular culturec. the mixture of values, traditions, and habits that give a company its atmosphere and personalityd. the number of organizational levels within a corporation4. Every organization has a(n) ____________.a. intranetb. extranetc. tall communication structured. informal communication network5. In the first step of the communication process, the sender ____________.a. has an ideab. chooses a communication channelc. decides what to sayd. chooses a communication medium6. Whereas Business Communication 1.0 tends to emphasize ______, Business Communication 2.0 focuses more on _____________.a. collaboration, isolationb. discussion, lecturec. control, influenced. permission, intrusion7. All of the following are examples of unethical communication excepta. distorting visualsb. plagiarismc. selective misquotingd. using jargon8. To help establish clear guidelines for ethical behavior, many companies provide employees a written _____________.a. code of ethicsb. ethics auditc. ethical lapsed. ethical dilemma9. Which of the following is not a way teams help organizations to succeed?a. increase information and knowledgeb. increase groupthink among membersc. increase diversity of viewsd. increase performance levels10. Groupthink refers to ____________.a. the willingness of individual group members to withhold contrary or unpopular opinions, even when those objections are legitimate, and to favor majority opinionb. the basic rules that underlie a group?s behavior and guide the group to make its decisions that operates primarily in large groups but can also be seen in small groupsc. software programs that help groups make decisionsd. the four-step decision-making process in groups11. You and several coworkers serve on a task force charged with updating the company personnel policy manual. To proceed effectively, you should concentrate on_________.a. ensuring that all members have a clear and shared sense of purposeb. pointing out as many typos, misspellings, and grammatical errors as possiblec. making other team members feel goodd. doing all of the above12. ___________ are informal standards of conduct that team members share.a. Rules of parliamentary procedureb. Group maintenance rolesc. Robert?s Rulesd. Group norms13. If you are engaging in critical listening, your goal is to ____________.a. understand and retain informationb. appreciate the speaker?s point of viewc. understand the speaker?s feelings, needs, and wantsd. evaluate the logic and validity of the message14. In part, poor listening occurs because listeners ____________.a. concentrate on each word the speaker says rather than the overall pointb. can think faster than speakers can speakc. are unable to think originallyd. do all of the above.15. When introducing yourself to someone in a business context, you should always include a brief description of ____________.a. your company?s historyb. one of your personal interests or hobbiesc. your role in the companyd. all of the above16. Using mobile phones during meetings is _____________.a. an effective way to show your professionalismb. now restricted or prohibited in many organizationsc. routine in today?s high-tech workplaced. all of the above17. Culture influences a person?s understanding of _____________.a. nonverbal signalsb. use of time and spacec. wordsd. all of the above18. To convey meaning in a low-context culture such as the one existing in Germany, people rely more on ____________.a. explicit verbal communicationb. indirectness and metaphorsc. situational cuesd. gestures and vocal inflection19. Women executives who travel abroad ____________.a. should insist on meeting only with other female executivesb. can count on being treated with respect, regardless of the countries they visitc. may not be taken seriously as businesspeople, depending on the cultured. should always assume that they will not be taken seriously as businesspeople20. When writing letters to businesspeople in other countries, you shoulda. make generous use of transitional words and phrasesb. be vague and general in your wordingc. use an informal, friendly toned. keep your sentences and paragraphs long21. When preparing a message to someone from another culture, you should__________.a. be careful to express numbers and dates in the format used in that person?s cultureb. never write more than a single paragraphc. be sure to remove all graphics, in case they might offend someoned. assume that the audience is familiar with common U.S. phrases and references22. The three primary steps involved in preparing a business message are ____________.a. defining the purpose, the main idea, and the topicb. satisfying the audience?s informational, motivational, and practical needsc. planning, writing, and completingd. informing, persuading, and collaborating23. In developing business messages, the step during which you step back to see whether you have expressed your ideas clearly is ____________.a. writingb. feedbackc. planningd. completing24. A knowledge-management system ____________.a. is a tool for creating a bibliography when writing long reportsb. helps companies limit the amount of information employees store on the networkc. is a centralized database of experiences and insights of employees throughout an organizationd. enables organizations to test employees periodically to ensure they are doing adequate research25. After sending project cost estimates to a longtime client, you realize you failed to include information on some discount options. The best thing to do is ____________.a. take no actionb. blame someone elsec. start looking for a new jobd. contact the primary audience immediately and correct the error1. Explain the increasing dependence on knowledge workers in business and provide at least two examples that illustrate the value of information in today?s economy.Unit 21. In part because of limited opportunities for feedback, written and most forms of electronic communication require _____________ than oral communication.a. more informalityb. fewer nounsc. less cared. more tact2. Select the sentence with the most positive emphasis:a. Because of Joan?s inaccurate figures on the Haymen project, we are not finished with the process audit.b. We haven?t completed the process audit.c. We hope to complete the process audit by Friday.d. We failed to complete the process audit on time.3. A euphemism is a word or phrase that is ____________.a. possibly offensiveb. general or abstract in meaningc. a milder term for one with negative connotationsd. highly technical4. The preferred title for women in business is ______________, unless the individual says otherwise.a. Madamb. Mrs.c. Missd. Ms.5. In business messages, using terms such as ?if,? ?hope,? and ?trust? is __________.a. usually a bad idea since it takes away from the writer?s credibilityb. common courtesyc. a good way to show your modestyd. acceptable for very formal contexts6. Which of the following is not an example of pompous language?a. We wish to inform youb. Please be advised thatc. We are in receipt ofd. Please let us know7. Which of the following sentences contains the strongest and most effective wording?a. Given the parameters of the situation, the most propitious choice would be to make adjustments in certain budget areas.b. Someone?s going to need to do some budget cutting around here or heads will roll.c. We need to cut the operating budget by 12 percent or profits will plummet.d. Perusal of budgetary figures reveal that a 12 percent reduction in operations is called for if we are to stave off a negative impact on profits.8. The rules of grammar and usage ____________.a. used to be very complex but have become simpler than everb. are complex and some evolve over timec. no longer matter in business writingd. have not changed in decades and tend to remain constant over time9. Boilerplate is ____________.a. a piece of computer hardware used to increase modem speedb. a standard block of text used in various documents without being changedc. a machine used in professional printingd. a list of most-used email addresses10. When evaluating the work of others, you should ____________.a. make sure you understand the writer?s intent before you begin suggesting or making changesb. avoid talking with the writer about the document since other readers may not have that opportunityc. compare the other person?s writing style with your own, and if yours is better, rewrite the document in your own styled. talk with the writer about his or her intent only after you suggest changes since this is a good way to test the effectiveness of the document11. ?Visible to the eye? is an example of _____________.a. a clich?b. the passive voicec. obsolete languaged. redundancy12. Starting a sentence with ?It is? or ?There are? is _____________.a. a sign that you are using active voiceb. a sign that you are using passive voicec. perfectly acceptable and you need not try to rewrite the sentenced. usually a sign that the sentence could be shorter and more active13. A spell checker ____________.a. cannot automatically correct misspelled words as you typeb. has eliminated the need for proofreadingc. suggests synonymsd. highlights words it doesn?t recognize14. A computer thesaurus _____________.a. suggests correct spellingb. highlights phrases in passive voicec. can help you find just the right word for a given situationd. catches punctuation as well as grammar errors15. Centered margins _____________.a. are best for headings and tablesb. make the document easier to readc. create a cleaner look because of increased white space along the right margind. help get audience members? attention, even before they start to read16. Which of the following is not true of instant messaging?a. It is widely utilized in businessb. It allows a rapid response to urgent messagesc. It is less susceptible to security and privacy problemsd. It costs more than phone calls or email17. When it comes to writing messages in today?s business environment, _____.a. printed letters are obsoleteb. email has completely replaced printed memos for all internal communicationc. printed letters are still best for some forms of communicationd. printed letters are used primarily for negative messages18. Overusing the ?cc? function when sending email ____________.a. is a violation of email hygieneb. is a good way to protect yourself in a hostile work environmentc. can waste a great deal of time by generating more reply messages than necessaryd. is no longer a big deal since very few people pay attention to these messages19. Email ____________.a. should follow the convention of other business writing in formal situationsb. is the best medium for internal messages, regardless of their contentc. should never be longer than one screend. does not need to be proofread20. Which of the following is an example of an effective subject line for an email requesting information about the August inventory for bananas?a. Please send the August banana inventoryb. Banana inventoriesc. Banana information neededd. Information needed21. One of the greatest drawbacks to using podcasts in business is ____________.a. the high cost of distributing themb. the difficulty of scanning back and forth to find specific parts of the messagec. they require costly, specialized equipment you?ll need to purchase regardless of the production quality you wantd. people find online video and audio to be intimidating22. In the body of a routine request, you should ____________.a. explain and justify your requestb. explain what will happen if the audience does not do what you are askingc. beg the reader to grant your requestd. give your sales pitch23. Before volunteering someone?s name as a reference, always ____________.a. list that person?s address and phone number for ease of contactb. ask that person?s permissionc. assume you have permission to do sod. describe your relationship with that person24. If you have serious concerns about the qualifications of a job candidate who has asked you for a recommendation, it is best to ____________.a. keep them to yourselfb. state your opinion strongly since it is protected by the First Amendmentc. refuse to write the recommendationd. include others? criticisms to support your statements25. Excluding important negative information about a candidate in a recommendation letter _____________.a. is expected, otherwise, no one would be able to get a good jobb. has led some employers to sue after hiring the candidate and discovering problemsc. is okay, as long as you explain to the candidate that you are doing itd. is the only way to prevent the candidate from suing youBriefly explain the difference between the active voice and the passive voice. Include an example of each one.Unit 31. Instead of beginning your negative message with a blunt announcement of the news, you can use ___________.a. a bufferb. a combination of the direct and indirect approachesc. the direct approachd. the deductive approach2. If up to now you have failed to respond to a request, a buffer ____________.a. automatically misleads the readerb. explains why you have so far not responded to the requestc. ignores the request altogetherd. comes right out and says no to the request3. An effective indirect opening for a negative message would be:a. Your r?sum? clearly shows why you are interested in becoming a management trainee with our company.b. I?m sorry to say I have some bad news.c. In reply to your application for the management position, I am sorry to say that we can not use you.d. We have no openings at this time.4. One way to be tactful when giving your reasons for bad news is to ____________.a. explain that the decision is based on company policyb. explain why the decision is good for you and your companyc. highlight, if possible, how your negative decision benefits the recipientd. apologize for having to be the bearer of bad news5. In the close of a negative message, you should ____________.a. express concern over possibly losing the reader?s businessb. ask for feedback on whether the decision is acceptable to the readerc. encourage the person to write or call to discuss the situation furtherd. avoid uncertainty6. To avoid being accused of defamation, you should ____________.a. refuse to communicate with unhappy clientsb. frequently refer to company policyc. make it clear to disgruntled customers that you refuse to be intimidatedd. avoid any kind of behavior that could be considered abusive7. When you need to inform employees that a benefit or privilege will be eliminated, ____________.a. use as many hedging words as possibleb. the best approach is to leak the news as a rumor rather than make a public announcementc. use the direct approachd. minimize the impact of the bad news by presenting it in as positive a light as possible8. A letter rejecting a job applicant should ____________.a. be as long as possibleb. avoid explaining why he or she was not selectedc. be as personal as possibled. point out the applicant?s shortcomings9. The purpose of the interest section of a persuasive message is to ____________.a. increase the audience?s desire to take the action recommended in the messageb. get the reader to act immediatelyc. show that your product is well-suited to your audienced. capture attention10. An effective ending for a persuasive message would be which of the following?a. Be sure to tell all your friends about this exciting offer.b. Wouldn?t you like to save some money?c. Please respond as soon as possible because this offer is not likely to last very long.d. Simply take the enclosed coupon to any of our service centers by June 15 for your free oil and filter change.11. The key to a successful action phase in the AIDA model is ____________.a. creating a win-lose situation, with you as the winnerb. getting readers to change their mindsc. increasing the audience?s awareness of your product or serviced. making the action you propose simple and easy12. When writing a persuasive request for action, you should ____________.a. avoid flatteryb. ask for more than you actually want so that you?ll have a cushion for negotiationc. demonstrate that helping you will solve a significant problemd. use the hard-sell approach13. Which of the following would not be an effective technique for gaining audience attention in sales messages?a. explaining how your product offers a solution to a problemb. emphasizing how badly you need some sales to remain openc. promising savingsd. stating your product?s strongest benefit14. The interest phase of a sales message should ____________.a. emphasize attractive features and important detailsb. help the audience understand how your idea will benefit themc. avoid any attempts at answering potential objectionsd. begin with a ?hard sell? that makes audiences want to hear more15. Unlike more traditional promotional messages, those written for social media ____________.a. enable companies to engage in conversations about their products and servicesb. save money by allowing companies to rely on the news media to distribute important messagesc. allow for less transparency and openness with customersd. are less interactive16. A problem statement ____________.a. defines the purpose of your researchb. should be long and complexc. is an unsupportable claim or assertiond. outlines all the potential drawbacks of your research17. Sources of secondary information include ____________.a. first-hand observationb. newspapers and periodicalsc. in-person interviewsd. experiments18. In evaluating material you have gathered for a report, you should _____________.a. assume that any information taken from a webpage will be credible and reliableb. check to make sure the material is currentc. ignore government documentsd. throw out any information whose source is an organization that might be biased19. Which of the following is not true of conventional search engines?a. They return to previously identified websites to look for changes.b. Not all search engines operate in the same way.c. They travel the web automatically, identifying new websites.d. They access the deep Internet or hidden Internet.20. Recommendations differ from conclusions in that recommendations _____________.a. always come at the end of the reportb. suggest a clear course of actionc. interpret evidenced. are always acceptable to readers21. The recommendations you make in a report should be _____________.a. what the audience wants to hearb. the same as the conclusionsc. practical and offer clear guidance on next stepsd. easy to implement22. U.S. government research shows that about _____________ percent of the adult population in the U.S. has the literacy skills needed for success in today?s workplace.a. 75b. 50c. 10d. 123. A surface chart is ____________.a. used to show interrelationships within an organizationb. a type of three-dimensional pie chartc. a form of line chart in which all the lines add up to the top lined. a type of map showing various terrains24. A bar chart would be particularly useful for ____________.a. comparing sales totals of three breakfast cereals from 2007 to 2009b. illustrating what percentages of a company?s monthly budget are spent on utilities and other expensesc. showing the stages in production of a jet engined. depicting links between employees at a large firm25. A chart that uses symbols or graphic images instead of words or numbers to portray data is called a ____________.a. pictogramb. combination chartc. Gantt chartd. surface chartQues. List the three major disadvantages of Internet search engines, then briefly describe other electronic research tools that overcome those shortcomings.Unit 41. The best way to phrase the purpose statement of a report is with ____________.a. a controversial statementb. an infinitive phrasec. complex languaged. jargon2. Which of the following is not an infinitive phrase?a. to determineb. to think clearlyc. to our loyal customersd. to prioritize and organize3. Which of the following is the least clear statement of purpose?a. ?To answer the question, ?Which of four investments will provide the highest return?? ?b. ?To analyze four potential investments.?c. ?To evaluate and make recommendations based on data.?d. ?To determine which of four alternative investments will have the highest return.?4. A formal work plan includes all of the following except ____________.a. a statement of the purpose and scope of your investigationb. plans for following up after delivering the reportc. a statement of the problem or opportunity addressed in your reportd. plans for what will happen if funds for the project are cancelled5. When selecting media for a report, ____________.a. you should choose the ones that are most economicalb. you should choose the ones that are most convenientc. your decisions should reflect your audience?s expectationsd. you should always present your report in writing6. The CEO of a pharmaceutical company asks you to assess the company?s adherence to laws governing television ads for prescription drugs. The CEO has requested a ____________.a. compliance reportb. work planc. policy reportd. personal activity report7. For most audiences, reading online is _______ than reading from a printed page.a. easierb. more difficultc. much fasterd. neither easier nor more difficult8. Which of the following is not a common organizational format for analytical reports?a. focusing on conclusionsb. focusing on logical argumentc. focusing on informationd. focusing on recommendations9. The 2 + 2 = 4 approach _____________.a. is far more complicated than any other organizational strategyb. generally works only with lengthy, no routine reportsc. is the first logical argument strategy to tryd. is the only approach that is appropriate for any business report10. The writing style for a report should be more formal if ____________.a. you know your readers reasonably wellb. the report is relatively shortc. the subject is controversial or complexd. your report is internal11. In the close of a report intended to prompt sales personnel to meet specific goals, you should ____________.a. make sure your readers understand exactly what?s expected of them and when it?s expectedb. imply that they will be fired if the goals are not achievedc. instruct your audience to contact you about what they should do nextd. provide hints on what the audience should do so you don?t sound like you?re giving orders12. The introduction of a solicited proposal ____________.a. should downplay the magnitude of the problem you?re addressingb. need not be as detailed as that of an unsolicited proposalc. should refer specifically to the RFP that initiated itd. is expected to be much longer than that of an unsolicited proposal13. In a proposal to install an air conditioning system, statements such as ?Our company has over 25 years of experience installing heating, plumbing, and air conditioning systems? should appear in what section?a. Closeb. Bodyc. Introductiond. Appendix14. Smooth transitions between sections and links to other documents and sources of information are important ____________.a. in any report longer than 2 pagesb. in print reports, but not in those published onlinec. whether your report appears in print or onlined. in online reports, but not usually necessary in written ones15. Which of the following would be the most effective review in a formal report?a. Now that the body of the report is finished, supporting evidence needs to be provided.b. The next segment illustrates potential challenges that our company faces in the coming decade.c. As this section has shown, our current marketing strategy is highly effective.d. Having outlined the details, I will now offer a few other points.16. When drafting content for online reports, it is helpful to use the inverted pyramid style of organization in which you ____________.a. make readers believe you are headed in one direction and reveal your true intentions at the endb. cover the most important information first and then gradually reveal more detailc. walk readers through arguments you don?t support and then explain whyd. cover the least important information first and work your way to the main idea17. A letter of ____________ is a specialized cover letter that introduces your report to the audience.a. acceptanceb. transmittalc. authorizationd. introduction18. The recommended format for a table of contents for a complex formal report should include ____________.a. everything but prefatory partsb. every level of heading in the report plus all illustration and table titlesc. everything but supplementary partsd. two tables: a high-level table with only major headings and a detailed table with all other headings19. Which of the following is not a typical function of the introduction to a report?a. telling the audience what the report is aboutb. outlining how the report is organizedc. documenting sourcesd. explaining to readers why they should be concerned about the topic20. The prefatory parts of a formal proposal may include ____________.a. an indexb. a copy of the RFPc. visual elementsd. a letter of authorization21. You?re sending an unsolicited proposal to a local restaurant in an effort to become their primary food vendor. The letter of transmittal to accompany the proposal should follow the format for ____________ messages.a. bad-newsb. persuasivec. good-newsd. routine22. Speeches and oral presentations are much like any other messages in that _________.a. the interaction between the audience and speaker is similarb. they deal with emotional or personal issues to a similar extentc. they require no planningd. they require similar planning23. ?Now that we?ve identified the problem, let?s take a look at some solutions? is an example of a ____________.a. transition that can link two sentences, but not two sections of speechb. good transition between major sections of a speechc. transition that is overly specific and promises too muchd. transition that fails to use the proper transitional phrase24. At the close of a business presentation, ____________.a. you should avoid making it obvious that you?re about to finishb. be clear about what you want the audience to do nextc. audiences resent being reminded of the presentation?s main ideasd. audience attention tends to reach its lowest point25. The most effective and easiest mode of speech delivery in nearly all situations is ___________.a. memorizationb. impromptu speakingc. speaking from an outline or notesd. reading from a prepared scriptQues. How does the primary function of upward-flowing communication differ from that of downward- flowing communication?


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