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Question;(P-chart Problem): Several complaints recently have been sent to the Gotham City Police Departmentregarding the increasing incidence of congestion on the city?s streets. The complaints attribute the causeof these traffic tie-ups to a lack of synchronization of the traffic lights. The lights are controlled by amain computer system, and adjusting this program is costly. Therefore, the comptrollers are reluctant tochange the situation unless a clear need is shown. During the past year, the police department hascollected data at 1,000 intersections. The data were compiled on a monthly basis as shown below:MonthJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDecTotalCongestionIncidence141614131612181414161018SampleProportions(a) Construct a p-chart based on the above data where the sample size (n) is 1000. (Use a Z value of 3 andtake your calculations to four decimal places).(b) Should the system be modified if during the next three months reports of congestion at these 1000intersections indicate the following? What is the basis for your answer? Plot the sample proportions onthe control chart.MonthJanFebMarCongestionIncidence15911SampleProportionsUCLp =P-bar =LCLp =JanFebMar


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