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UOP LDR 531 Week 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 DQ (2014)




Question;Week 1In what specific ways may an individual influence an organization through his or her management and leadership skills?What is the difference between managers and leaders? Is it possible to be an effective manager but not an effective leader Provide examples.**************************Week 2DQ 1Which factors do you think influence employee job satisfaction? Compare and contrast these factors to those most important to you.DQ 2What is the most effective way for companies to monitor employee motivation, satisfaction, and performance? What are its advantages and disadvantages?***************************Week 3DQ 1After completing the Williams Institute for Ethics and Management, Ethics Awareness Inventory, and Ethical Choices in the Workplace assessments on the student website, evaluates how a company structures the use of groups or teams. Do you feel the organization would be an effective fit based on what you learned through the Williams assessment? Why or why not?DQ 2="p0">="p0">How would you modify your communication style to better accommodate team members with contrasting styles? Provide specific examples.****************************Week 4Dq 1In which type of organizational structure do you think your leadership style would be most effective? In what kind of structure would it be least effective? Compare and contrast the structures.DQ 2="p0">Think of an organization and a manager within that organization with whom you are familiar. Identify the organization?s structure type and the leadership style of the manager. Suppose that the structure of the organization was changed drastically in way of your choosing. Do you think the manager that you described would be more or less effective given the new structure? Why or why not?*******************************Week 5Dq 1Which leadership elements in the different positions from the Gene One Scenario support and hinder the change effort?DQ 2="p0">="p0">Which factors of the business you researched do you think could be implemented at Gene One to make its change effort more successful?="color:>="color:>="color:>


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