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Question;1. How many extra;steps are required when doing strategic knowledge training, compared to;traditional training?;Answer;();Three.;();Two.;();One.;();None, each step has more;information provided but there is the same number of steps.2. Sequencing in;Elaboration theory isAnswer;();the process of how to seat;trainees for the most impact.;();the process of how to organize;the training to be assured. everyone has the opportunity to speak.;();the process of how to group and;order the content of training.;();the process of assigning;trainees to groups3. If a major;constraint is "short lead time," (therefore there is not much time to;prepare training) one viable option is useAnswer;();of programmed instruction.;();of modularization.;();of external consultants.;();of massed practice.4. Before a training;session, a trainee should be provided withAnswer;();the training objectives.;();the training agenda.;();the training manual.;();both A & B.;="msonormal">;="msonormal">;="msonormal">


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