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Question;Question: Once you view this exam, you must complete it. YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO RETURN TO THIS EXAM.Question: You can Scroll through questions on this exam using the Back or Continue buttons only.Question: A court order requiring a person or group either to perform some act or to refrain from performing some act is known as a subpoena.Question: The Whirlybird Vacuum Cleaner Company has field sales team of 1,000 that goes door-to-door giving in-home demonstrations of the company's products. The product demonstration often comes with some high-pressure sales pitches. Whirlybird uses a strong sales orientation in moving its products.Question: The primary market is a market in which an investor purchases financial securities from other investors.Question: The oldest stock average index in use today is the Dow Jones Industrial Average.Question: At Mattel, a marketing information system stores data on regional sales activities, promotional costs, and international inventory levels. These data are examples of external sources.Question: The process of apportioning the cost of a fixed asset over the period during which it will be used is known as depreciation.Question: The way a consumer perceives a store is probably the most important factor that influences his or her decision about where to buy.Question: The need to enforce the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 led to the creation of OSHA.Question: A management information system must perform three specific functions: collect data, store and update them as necessary, and process the stored data into information.Question: Accounting information is, first and foremost, management information.Question: A firm that properly manages cultural diversity can develop cost advantages over firms that do not manage diversity well.Question: A municipal revenue bond is backed by the full faith, credit, and unlimited taxing power of the government unit that issued it.Question: Mrs. Caprice was granted franchise rights from McDonald's for the community in which she lives. McDonald's practice of granting franchises for specific geographic areas is commonly known as selective distribution.Question: The most expensive type of long-term financing is the sale of common stock.Question: Mrs. Thomas has received an invoice from the manufacturer for which she distributes products. The invoice states credit terms of 3/310, N/30. Puzzled by this, she calls on you to explain. You indicate that the notation 3/10 means thatQuestion: The amounts owed to a firm by its customers are called _______Question: A smaller version of the Internet for use within a firm is aQuestion: All of the activities concerned with obtaining money and using it effectively are calledQuestion: A pricing strategy involving a manufacturer who pays for the shipping cost of its merchandise to the wholesaler is called _______________ pricing.Question: A loan that is approved before the money is actually needed is called a (n)Question: When a manufacturer like Del Monte determines how many times a competitor uses a newspaper or magazine to advertise its products, it is using a (n)Question: In the following set of data, 9, 8, 9, 5, 3, 4, 6, 1, 1, 3, 6, the mean would beQuestion: Mary believes her discharge from the MCO Corporation for stealing was unfair. To her disappointment, management, from the first-line supervisor to corporate-level officers, has continually denied her grievance. Because the union contract allows it, Mary will probably ask _________Question: In a short sale, if the market price of the stock increases after the investor has sold it, the investorQuestion: Managers who rely on __________ as a form of negative reinforcement will ignore an undesired behavior in the hope that it will go away.Question: PepsiCo buys a can manufacturing company. This is an example ofQuestion: APSCO Lighting, Inc., had a gross profit of $234,000 for the last twelve-month period. Operating expenses were $185,000. What was APSCO's net income before taxes?Question: The two main purposes of employment applications are to identify candidates for further consideration and to provide background information for interviewers.Question: The logical outcome of the assumption underlying Theory X is a highly controlled work situation in which managers make al decisions and workers carry them out.Question: The primary goal of the American Federation of Labor was to improve employees' and society's moral standards.Question: Stephanie always studies very hard for tests and achieves A's in all of her classes. Jennifer does not touch a book until the day before a test and often earns only C's and D's. The difference in academic performance between these students directly involvesQuestion: Appliances, stereos, and furniture are all considered specialty products.Question: A law requiring nutritional information on the outside packaging of food products is what type of force in the external marketing environment?Question: Supply chain management primarily focuses on two or more stages of the marketing channel under one management.Question: When a product experiences sales revenue and profit increases, reaches a peak, and then declines, it goes through what is called _______Question: A firm with a limited budget for promotion will probably rely on advertising because personal selling is not expensive.Question: VMS is an acronym that stands for _______Question: In a channel of distribution, the function of wholesaling must be performed, but the wholesaler can be removed.Question: Zero Manufacturing produces candy bars. The company would probably choose which of the following to reach its target market?Question: A society in which large groups of employees generate or depend on information to perform their jobs is called an _________ society.Question: Capital is a term used to refer to a borrower's financial ability to meet credit obligations and make regular payments.Question: With a margin requirement of 50 percent,Question: By using e-mail, communication can be carried out globally within and outside the firm at any time.Question: If interest rates in the economy decrease, a corporate bond with a fixed interest rate will increase in value.Question: The oldest stock average index in use today is the Dow Jones Industrial Average.Question: Commercial paper is short-term promissory notes issued by large corporations.Question: The purpose of portfolio management is to increase both risk and returns.Question: Money that will be used for one year or less is called


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