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Seaport Bus 100 Quiz 3 (2014)




Question;Seaport Quiz / Exam: Bus 100 Quiz 3Quiz/Exam CompleteQuestion: Human resource management consists of or includes all activities involved in acquiring, maintaining, and developing an organization's human resources.Question: In a flat organization, administration costs are higher because more managers are needed.Question: Managers should view cultural diversity as opportunity rather than as a limitation.Question: A common planning horizon for operation plans is one year.Question: Job analysis is the systematic procedure for studying jobs to determine expected level of productivity.Question: A service economy is one in which more effort is devoted to the production of goods than to the production of service.Question: It is important that every company use only one departmentalization basis.Question: Operations managers refer to the development of a plan for converting a product idea into an actual product as design planning.Question: The span of control is the number of subordinates who report directly to one manager.Question: During the period after World War II, the United States was the most productive country in the world for approximately __________ years.Question: Grouping various positions into manageable units determines the ____________ of the organization.Question: The results of training evaluations should not be made known to all those involved in training programs.Question: An organization chart revealsQuestion: In which of the following types of organizations would managers have the greatest opportunity for advancement?Question: When firms use inspection to monitor quality, only the finished product is examined for defects or potential problems.Question: A product layout is often referred to as a(n)Question: When Nabisco introduces Oreos with half chocolate and half peanut butter cream in the middle, it is______its Oreos line.Question: Human resources is a(n)_________type of job, so it does not fit directly into the chain of command.Question: Some union agreements state that current employees must be informed of up coming new openings. This practice is calledQuestion: Which of the following products is most likely to require a fixed-position layout?Question: When a manufacturer like Exxon Mobil refines crude oil, that corporation is using a (n)______process.Question: Firms that produce only a small number of products tend to haveQuestion: The Equal Pay Act applies directly toQuestion: _________is a disciplined approach that relies on statistical data and improved methods to eliminate defects from a firm's product and services.Question: A list specifying qualifications necessary for a particular position is called a job


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