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Seaport Bus 100 Quiz 4 (2014)




Question;Seaport Quiz / Exam:Bus 100 Quiz 4Quiz/Exam CompleteQuestion: During the storming phase of team development, the team has just been created.Question: Goal setting theory suggests that employees are more likely to experience a high degree of motivation when management assigns a series of specific goals for the employee to achieve.Question: Union leader take a strike vote after all attempts at negotiation have failed.Question: Primary boycotts are prohibited by the Taft-Hartley Act.Question: The most commonly cited reason for joining unions is to decrease feelings of alienation among workers.Question: Part-time work and job sharing provide flexibility but at the expense of reduced benefits compared to full time employment.Question: A firm refusing to allow employees to enter the workplace is using a lockout.Question: Chad?s boss demoted him when he did not meet the sales goal for the month. This action indicates the use of _________Question: A formally established course of action for resolving employee complaints againstmanagement is called arbitration. Question: An injunction is a court order requiring a person or group either to perform some act or to refrain from performing some act.Question: Workers at a Fisher Body plant in Grand Rapids are so unhappy with the plant and the union that they decide on their own to quit working for ten days. This would be called _____Question: One Ford Motor Company slogan is "Quality Is Job One." To implement that concept, Ford instituted a form of quality circle. In addition to improve product quality, these quality circles could be expected to _____Question: A labor contract is negotiated through the process known asQuestion: Herzberg recognized only two dimensions: motivation and hygiene.Question: The dealings between labor unions and business management in and beyond the bargaining process are known as ____________.Question: The expectancy theory says that people are motivated ______Question: All of the following are examples of hygiene factors that can cause dissatisfaction exceptQuestion: The specific group of employees a union represents is called its affiliates.


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