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Seaport Bus 100 Quiz 5 (2014)




Question;Seaport Quiz / Exam:Bus 100 Quiz 5Quiz/Exam CompleteQuestion: New products are often immediate successes.Question: Candy bars, milk and newspapers are all examples of convenience products.Question: Intensive distribution is the use of only a portion of the available outlets for a product in each geographic area.Question: The variation of an existing product, such as freeze-dried coffee, is an example of product imitation.Question: Long-range marketing plans typically cover two years.Question: Consumers use different types of decision behaviors when buying different products.Question: Cindy Sullivan was granted franchise rights from McDonald's for the community in which she lives. McDonald's practice of granting franchises for specific geographic areas is commonly known as selective distributionQuestion: Sales forecasts are used by managers in different divisions of an organization.Question: In the decline life cycle stage of a product, less profitable versions of the product are sold at reduced rateds to cut losses.Question: A marketing information system is computer-based and uses information from both internal and external sources.Question: Screening ideas for feasibility is the first stage of the new product development process.Question: A market is a group of individuals and/or organizations that have needs for products in a given category and have the ability, willingness, and ______ to purchase such products.Question: The utility created by making a product available when customers wish to purchase it is called ______________ utility.Question: Of commission merchants, manufacturers' sales branches, and merchant wholesalers, commission merchants constitute the largest percentage.Question: A firm's marketing activities are affected by external and generally uncontrollable forces.Question: The pricing ingredient is concerned primarily with the producer?s costs of design.Question: Mattel, Inc selects suppliers and obtains raw materials to make toys. The company is engaged in which function of marketing?Question: Consumer products can be divided into the following three categories:Question: In cost-based pricing, a producer adds an amount to the total production cost to provide a profit. The amount added to the production cost is called aQuestion: Target and Wal-Mart are consideredQuestion: Consumers would most likely treat personal computers as ______________products. Question: Merchant wholesalers usually do notQuestion: Sandy is a specialist in crude oil. She represents buyers or sellers and is generally hired on a temporary basis. She is known for her expertise in crude oil. Sandy is a (n)Question: Sue Wallace is getting married on Saturday. She purchases flowers for the church ceremony early Saturday morning form a local flower shop. Which of the following types of utility is not created by this activity?Question: A highly specialized mode of transportation that is used primarily to carry petroleum and natural gas is


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