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Question;can you please assist me with MBA 560 quiz number 8The kind of responsibility center that would be evaluated by comparing the amount of income earned to the amount of assets invested is a(n): (Points: 2)cost center.asset center.investment center.profit center.Select the correct statement concerning the human factor of performance evaluation. (Points: 2)Variances should not be used to single out managers for punishment.Variances must be analyzed carefully to ensure that they are fully understood.Just because a cost variance is labeled as favorable doesn't necessarily mean that the manager should be commended for a job well done.All of the above.Standard cost systems and the calculation of variances facilitate the management practice known as: (Points: 2)management by exception.just-in-time management.managing by the numbersWhich of the following is not typically found in a decentralized organization? (Points: 2)Asset centerCost centerInvestment centerProfit centerWhich of the following should not be included in the investment base used to compute residual income? (Points: 2)Accounts receivableAn idle warehouseCashInventoryWhich of the following statements about ROI is false? (Points: 2)ROI is used to measure the performance of investment centers.ROI = margin divided by investment turnover.Trying to maximize ROI can result in a conflict between the interest of a particular manager and the interest of the business as a whole.The book value of operating assets is frequently used as the investment base for calculating return on investment.Cash outflows related to a capital investment may include all of the following except: (Points: 2)opportunity costs associated with selecting a specific capital project.outflows associated with the initial investment.working capital commitments.increases in operating expenses.Select the incorrect statement regarding postaudits of capital investment decisions. (Points: 2)A postaudit should be conducted at the end of the project.The postaudit helps management determine whether a project that was accepted should have been rejected.A postaudit is not necessary for a capital investment selected using a technique that considers the time value of money.The goal of a postaudit is to provide feedback that can be used to improve the accuracy of future capital investment decisionsMountain Brook Company is considering two investment opportunities whose cash flows are provided below:YearInvestment AInvestment B0($15,000)($9,000)15,0005,00025,0004,00035,0003,00044,0001,000The company's hurdle rate is 12%. What is the present value index of Investment A? (Points: 2) of the aboveWhich of the following statements concerning payback analysis is true? (Points: 2)An investment with a longer payback is preferable to an investment with a shorter payback.The payback method ignores the time value of money concept.The payback method and the unadjusted rate of return are different approaches that will consistently lead to the same conclusion.All of the above are true.Which of the following is not a factor in explaining why the present value of a future dollar is less than one dollar? (Points: 2)InflationInterestHistorical costRisk of failure to receive expected cash inflowsBritannia Company has two investment opportunities. A cash flow schedule for the investments is provided below:YearInvestment AInvestment B0($5,000)($6,000)12,0003,00022,0002,00032,0002,00042,0001,000Which of the following techniques would be most appropriate for choosing between Investment A and Investment B? (Points: 2)Payback techniquePresent value indexNet present value techniqueNone of the above


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