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Seaport BUS C150 Quiz 3 - 15th Ed. (Graded) 2014




Question;Seaport Quiz / Exam:BUS C150 Quiz 3- 15th Ed.Quiz/Exam CompleteResults (Percent Correct): 100%Question: A product is:Question: Motel 6 and the Ritz-Carlton both provide sleeping accommodations, but their respective guests have considerably different expectations of service. This is because:Question: A consumer expects to purchase convenience products:Question: Supermarkets usually display items such as candy, gum, and magazines near the checkout counter because they are:Question: Consumers who are well aware of the brands they prefer and are willing to make a special effort to obtain them are primarily interested in _____ products.Question: At which level of brand loyalty is advertising often used heavily to promote a product?Question: A product which has achieved the status of brand insistence:Question: The Kirkland brand is owned by Costco, and the products can only be purchased at Costco stores. Costco contracts with manufacturers to produce and package products under the Kirkland name. This arrangement is called:Question: The added value that a certain brand name gives to a product in the marketplace is called brand:Question: In the Young & Rubicam's Brand Asset Valuator model, a brand's ability to stand apart from competitors is referred to as:Question: Marketing channels play a key role in marketing strategy because they:Question: Movement of products through more than one marketing channel to reach the same market is:Question: The process of using every channel available to market a product is called _____ distribution.Question: Licensed goods manufactured abroad and then sold in the U.S. market in competition with U.S. counterparts are called _____ goods.Question: Technology that uses a tiny chip with identification information that can be read by a scanner from a distance is called:Question: After identifying a target market, a retailer must:Question: Many department stores have eliminated product categories such as toys, appliances, and furniture from their merchandise assortment because:Question: An offering within a product line, such as a specific size of liquid detergent, is known as a(n) _____.Question: The combination of physical characteristics and amenities that contribute to a store's image is called:Question: A new kind of limited-line retailer has emerged over the past 15 years. These stores combine wide selection and low prices in a single product line and are known as:Question: An integrated marketing communication strategy begins with:Question: The AIDA concept refers to the steps in:.Question: The ideal form of promotion for large, geographically dispersed audiences that will listen to the same message is:Question: Which group of activities is considered to be a form of sales promotion?Question: When Frito Lay introduces a new flavor of potato chips, it is likely to focus on _____ in its promotional mix.


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