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Seaport BUS C150 Quiz 2 - 15th Ed. (Graded) 2014




Question;Question: Which of the following statements regarding the nature of the business market is true?Question: Which of the following is the largest segment of the business market?Question: Which of the following statements does not describe the advantage of leasing?Question: Businesses choose outsourcing as an alternative to making goods in-house or providing in-house services when:Question: Which of the following statements is true regarding the influence of organizational factors on purchasing decisions?Question: Related party trade is defined as the trade relationship between:Question: A nation's size, per-capita income, and stage of economic development determine its prospects as a host for _____.Question: The Export Trading Company Act of 1982, exempts companies from _____ so they can form export groups that offer a variety of products to foreign buyers.Question: A complete ban on the import of a product is known as a(n) _____.Question: The ideal way for a nation to stop a foreign company from dumping is to:Question: In recent years, advances in computer technology have significantly changed the nature of marketing research by:Question: Wal-Mart prefers transaction records sorted by customer type, product, sales method, type of order, and order size. Analyzing internal data sorted in this manner is called:Question: Information collected for the first time specifically for a marketing research study is called _____ data.Question: Which of the following is a limitation of secondary data not found in primary data?Question: Which of the following federal agencies is the most important source of secondary data for marketing research studies?Question: The division of the total market into smaller, _____ groups is called market segmentation.Question: Which of the following is a basic requirement for effective market segmentation?Question: Japanese automaker, Subaru, generates approximately one-half of its sales in just four states (Alaska, Colorado, Maine, and Washington). These states constitute Subaru's:Question: The most common method of market segmentation is:Question: In terms of numbers, which age group is the largest?Question: The government segment of the B2B market commonly buys products:Question: A strategy for going global through contractual agreements in which the production of goods or services is assigned to local companies is termed as _____.Question: One of the very first marketing research studies involved of an examination of people's:Question: A positioning map:Question: One of the characteristics of relationship marketing is


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