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MSL 5080, Methods of Analysis for Business Operations




Question;I need help with unit assisngment II. Please see attachment or the whole courseUnit II CaseSue Pansky, a retired elementary school teacher, is considering;investing in Starting Right. She is very conservative and is a risk avoider.;What do you recommend?;Ray Cahn, who is currently a commodities broker, is also considering an;investment, although he believes that there is only an 11% chance of success.;What do you recommend?;Lila Battle has decided to invest in Starting Right. While she believes;that Julia has a good chance of being successful, Lila is a risk avoider and very;conservative. What is your advice to Lila?;George Yates believes there that there is an equally likely chance for;success. What is your recommendation?;Peter Metarko is extremely optimistic about the market for the new baby;food. What is your advice for Pete?;Julia Day has been told that developing the legal documents for each;fundraising alternative is expensive. Julia would like to offer alternatives;for both risk-averse and risk-seeking investors. Can Julia delete one of the;financial alternatives and still offer investment choices for risk seekers and;risk avoiders?


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